Top 33% of the AAC

The top 4 teams in the AAC are a combined 29-3.
That’s 1/3 of the conference with quality football programs!

That includes a 5-1 record against the holy P5 programs.

What will it take for our conference to have a quality SOS? I know Navy, Memphis, & Temple are having mediocre seasons but they have the potential…is that our mark to be taken seriously…50%.


Top 4 is 33%. The problem is the bottom 1/3 is 6-25 and the middle 1/3 is below. 500.


Solid conference over-all:

Navy (usually)

ECU, Tulsa were decent…

Tulane and SMU are trying…

UConn, oy…

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ECU was once very strong. I wonder if USF and UCF are recruiting the players they used to get.

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Please quit tormenting yourselves. This is one of those years where we just need to win, because this conference is killing everyone.

It really is. But we can still do great things this year.

If UT and OU cared more then just about themselves and if the Big 12 was serious about their status as a conference, they would add UH, SMU, USF, UCF, Memphis, And UC. This would give them 16 teams to compete against the ACC with. All the major conferences have members that take their conference seriously. They take pride in being in the SEC, Pac 12, and Big 10, yet all the Big 12 team could care less and only care for themselves especially UT and OU.

Ain’t no one adding USF today.

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ECU bouncing Ruffin was the dumbest move ever. They were almost always competitive under him, and drew great crowds. As he played for them, he was a lifer of the best kind. Look at how he’s got OU playing defense inside of two weeks.

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I think they panicked after seeing Herman and Fuente do so well and thought they needed a young coach too

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Drop SMU and add Boise.

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How stupid does this sound this morning?

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Yeah. Huge disappointment yesterday. As fans in general, we have a tendency to quickly go to the extreme (ny6, CFP, etc). If we are like most teams, the only goals the players and coaches have to to play well each week (1-0), win the division, win the conference, win the bowl game. While we did not play well at all this week, the other goals are still attainable. Have to be much better than yesterday though. We were unprepared across the board and did not to make good in game adjustments. Plenty of blame to go around but I tend to shy away from playing that game. Hopefully, they put it behind them today and start getting ready for Temple tomorrow. We were re-exposed yesterday on both sides of the ball. It was the kind of loss that can start a downward spiral but I still think we have a chance to compete for the division/conference title. We’ll se I guess. Go Coogs!!!