Top 4 schools with players arrested over 5 years - Cougars #1

  1. Washington State Cougars
  2. Florida
  3. Texas A&M
  4. Oklahoma

Of course for a 1 year recent record holder #1 : Baylor

Ridiculous thread title and no link.

If this website had a dislike button. You would have 20 dislikes, minimum lulz

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It was a podcast on espn today. I believe they had a top 10. I only hear the top 4. Of interest to me was Oklahoma the team we play on the 3rd.

I found the link. Here it is.

Nah… Baylor’s players rarely were arrested!:sunglasses:

ugh … that click bait!

Knew this was WSU. I’m sure rural Southeast Washington is a culture shock for a lot of the kids they recruit.

THAT really irritated me. Not funny.

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