Top 5 worst UH teams of all time

2001, 2012,1994, 1993 and 1986 in no particular order.

The 1986 team was relatively competitive. The ‘94 team was abominable. ‘93 had some decent games, but it would qualify. Certainly the winless 2000 team would be at or near the back of the class. I can’t really speak to how bad the ’63 and ‘64 teams were.


Sam, 2001 was the winless season.

I will always remember that because Lawdog and i went to the West Point game, which was postponed because of 9/11 to October or early November. I remember telling Lawdog when things were going badly that if we didn’t win that game I didn’t think we’d win any game that year. Kelly Robertson broke his hand near the end of the first half, and Chris Robertson was hurt again.

Turns out, I was right. That may have been Army’s only win that year. Two really crappy teams.


Hawaii has had some dismal teams. Hard to pick the worst five.


0-11 under Dimel
1-10 under Helton
1-9-1 under Helton
1-10 under Yeoman
2-9 under Helton


It’s hard to argue with that.

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Coach Yeoman’s 1986 team may have only been 1-10 but they were a lot better than the pathetic windmill tilters Helton and Dimel coached…That 86 team beat a good Oklahoma State team, and lost a lot of relatively close games like Rice, 14-13, SMU 10-3. A&M 19-7. Baylor 27-13. and Tulsa 24-14. That team was not bad at all on defense…They just really struggled to move the ball.


I remember watching that Okie State game on Raycom that year. After that victory, I was psyched about UH’s prospects…then the reality of loss after loss set in.

Mark Davis had a lucky “free play” bomb for a TD in that game; as I recall, he was less effective as a QB after that.

As I recall, we had injuries in the OL and had to rely on freshmen and RSF. Felt compassion for Davis when we played the Ags at home and their DL were poring through our OL.

You mean Gerald Landry? He was the QB in '86 and a good one. Our defense wasn’t that bad either. The problem was our offensive line was completely inept. We hadn’t recruited well there, and it showed, much like the past couple of years.

He was, but Mark Davis got quite a bit of playing time as well that season, especially in that one win against Okie State, where Davis threw a lucky “free play” bomb for a TD.

Landry and Davis were both largely ineffective during the rest of the season.

To give everyone an idea as to just how bad our QB play was that season, consider this.

Landry, the #1 QB that season, was miserable, only completing 35% of his passes (40 out of 112) for an anemic 428 yards passing, and only ONE TD pass against SIX INTs.

Mark Davis (younger brother of the legendary Danny), played almost as much, and wasn’t much better.

He completed only 45 of 91 for a mere 590 yards, and had more INTs (9) than TDs (6).

Now, to be fair, these stats were in a RUSHING offense, but the rushing stats of those two QBs were also unimpressive that year.

We were BAD that season, and that’s why that team, Yeoman’s last, shows up on the Top Five worst list.

If you want a bad Houston team, there are very few that match the 1973 Houston Oilers:

I loved the Oilers.

Man, Helton was really trying to get some hight draft picks.

2012 yikes they went 5-7…it wasn’t a good season for sure but not one one I would’ve ever considered historically bad lol.

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No, it shouldn’t be there. I’d take the '93 and '94 teams, the '00 and '01 teams, and maybe Yeoman’s second team in '63 that went 2-8.

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Surprised you wouldn’t pick Yeoman’s 1-10 team in 1986 with its craptastic QBing that I detailed above.

One of our worst losses happened but the season doesn’t rank as one of the worst ever.

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The 2012 team wasn’t good, and had one “incomprehensible” defeat, but managed to win some games. It’s not among the five worst.

We’ve had FAR worse teams than that one.

The 2001, 1994, 1993, and 1986 teams could barely buy a win, and were inept in numerous respects.


I lived and died with the Oilers growing up, and I’ll go to my grave loving that team. Thanks for posting that old video - it brought back a lot of memories.

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