Top 50 UH recruits since 2000 per 247 rankings

It’s the off-season and I have nothing better to do. Let’s see how our Top 50 recruits since 2000 panned out according to 247.

No Old Coogs, we are not digging up guys who played 50 years ago. Yes, the 70s-80s were 40-50 years ago, stop being in denial and get over it.

  1. Ed Oliver- self-explanatory, one of the best to ever suit up for the Coogs and also considered the 296th greatest high school football player of all time.

  2. Deontay Greenberry- self-explanatory, one of the best receivers to ever suit up for the Coogs. He would have been deadly in Herman’s offense if he stayed for his senior year.

  3. Tren’Davian Dickson- Did not see the field for us, transferred to TSU and did okay for a year there.

  4. Mikal Harrison-Pilot- Just transferred out, I think he will have a good career wherever he ends up.

  5. Matthew Golden- Did well here, transferred out and will likely finish out a solid college football career at UT.

  6. Jonah Wilson- Jury is still out but has a really high ceiling.

  7. Courtney Lark- Was decent for us, would have thrived in Briles, Sumlin or Herman’s offense.

  8. Jon Clark- Did ok for us. Decent but not great.

  9. Na’Ty Rodgers- Great career, one of the best linemen over the last decade. Currently plays in the UFL.

  10. J’Marion Burnette- Jury is still out obviously. Has the potential to be an all-time great.

  11. Parker Jenkins- Jury is still out, very nice career so far.

  12. Maurice Williams- Jury is still out. Lots of potential.

  13. Alton McCaskill- self-explanatory could have been an all-time great

  14. Art Green- Solid starter for us. Currently playing for the Broncos

  15. Nelson Ceasar- Great career, currently playing for the Seahawks.

  16. Koby Young- Jury is still out. Has great potential.

  17. Bryan Jones- Never made it in.

  18. Demetrius Hunter- Jury still out. Has potential.

  19. Tyreik Gray- Cracked the starting rotation as a true freshman, dismissed from the team. Had all the talent in the world.

  20. Jayshon Ridgle- Jury is still out, very high ceiling.

  21. Donald Hopkins- Left during fall camp, transferred to Texas State and never saw the field.

  22. D’Eriq King- Self-explanatory, one of the best UH quarterbacks. Briefly in the NFL and currently coaches for SMU

  23. Moses Alexander- Was average, transferred out.

  24. Richmond Ugochukwu- Won’t know anytime soon.

  25. Justin Benton- Jury is still out, appears to be a projected starter this year.

  26. Markeith Ambles- Solid receiver, currently having a decent career in the CFL.

  27. Ivory “Chopper” Williams- Was a legend in my hometown Beaumont. Didn’t make it in but had a great professional track career.

  28. Mark Wilson- Saw the field sometimes but didn’t seem to be the same after the injury. Eventually transferred out. Not sure if he ended up playing elsewhere.

  29. Tomme Mark- Was a decent starter for a few years.

t 30. Alton Demby- Did not see the field, eventually left

t30. Darain Lazard- Was average, eventually transferred and finished his career at Houston Christian.

  1. Trent McGaughey- Had to medically retire but had all-time great potential.

  2. Quardale Patt- Didn’t make it in

  3. Jarvis Smith- Did not make it in.

  4. Rodney Williams- Did not see the field and left after a year.

  5. Ja’Koby Banks- Saw the field occasionally and transferred to Memphis. Will see how his career folds out.

t38. Ray’Quan Bell- Jury still out, has potential.

t38. DeAndre Perry- Did not see the field after a couple of season and eventually left.

  1. CJ Nelson- Was average, transferred out, will see where he lands

  2. Taures Payne- Frequent contributor, did ok for us.

  3. Domonique Sanders- Did not see the field, left after a couple of years

  4. Michael Patterson- Played in 4 games and redshirted. Just hit the transfer portal

t44. Reshad Sterling- Won’t know anytime soon

t44. Anthony Lewis- Did not see the field, eventually ended up at TSU

  1. Terrence Taylor- Did not make it in, eventually ended up at JUCO

  2. Maddox Kopp- Did not see the field, transferred to Colorado and started a few games before transferring again to Miami Ohio. Would likely be the starter had he stayed at UH.

  3. Matangi Tonga- Solid starter had a stint in the CFL and NFL

  4. Roy Watts- One of the best linemen in the 2000s and 2010s. Protected Case’s blindside.

  5. Ryan Huffman- Was a contributor.


So what you can take from this list is that most of our best players were under the radar while most of the guys on this list either didn’t pan out, didn’t qualify academically or are new recruits over the last 2 years.


Sad how many names i don’t even recognize


Well, with 2 players as 5 stars and 5 players as 4 stars, you could say 43 of these players were development players.

Surprised Davell didn’t make it.

He could’ve made the list like 4 times right? I wonder if he’s still rolling down Cullen with Rhett?


Terrance Broadway?
Kevin Kolb?

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same here…

Top 50? Who’s top 50? …10 are still playing, so we have to wait and see and hope…Out of the other 40, only 9 or 10 were real contributors. The other 30, not so much…Greg Ward junior wasnt even on the list…Patrick Edwards wasnt on the list…Tyron Carrier wasnt on the list…Demarcus Ayers wasnt on the list…Patrick Paul wasnt on the list…When 5 of our all time great offensive players arent on the list, then it shows preseason lists judgements dont mean anything…and thats just offense…


Its based on their HS recruit star rating


Nope. These guys were ranked ahead of them.

Then it demonstrates the star rating system doesnt really work, as far as who turns out to be a good player…but we knew that already.


You extend it to top 60 and Fritz’s will coach 15 of those players. Rankings aren’t end all be all but that’s a darn good start.


He literally said “according to 247”


And i literally say, so what?? 24/7 demonstrates they dont know what they are talking about when it comes to evaluating talent…sarcasm apparently lost to some of our readers…

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I believe Broadway was a 4 star, as was AJ Dugat. Piland was a high three star.

None of those guys were ranked ahead of these guys.

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I seem to remember Dugat being a three-star at a time when getting a three star was a big deal for us.

Now, three stars seem to be the floor, not the ceiling.

I could be wrong about that though.

In any event, he was basically a bust.

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A lot of revisionist history going on in that OP

This is based on 247sports since 2000?


AJ Dugat was a 2009 recruit. Parade All American.
Sumlin kicked him off the team a year later.

Update from 2021: