Top 50 UH recruits since 2000 per 247 rankings

Meaning 3* who play hard, smart, love the university and are winners.

I saw it in my head…I laughed harder than I should have :rofl:


Bet they’d be tough as nails though.


I don’t think anyone would be able to question toughness or effort.

Ed Oliver had a high motor too, plus he was super talented.

Actually, Case was a 2 star and we were his only offer.


I thought he was a 2*, but some on this board said 3*. Goes to show star ratings can be
wrong, when you look at the 5* that wash out at UT, on paper they should win the Natty every
year. Most are not ready to work hard, to get bigger, better and learn the system.

AGREE! Insightful post, CougariDOC.

Counter point. I know we all love to rightly use Texas and Aggie as pretty steady underachievers with highly ranked talent. But you can’t point to those two’s lack of success without acknowledging Bama, Georgia, Clemson, Michigan, OSU’s many successes.

Having lots of top talent is not the be all, end all. They do have to make it to campus and develop to reach their full potential, but there seems to be pretty strong correlations between top drawer talent and top drawer results.