Top DLines in the country

Your Houston Cougars come in at #10. Tied with tOSU.

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Even though we won’t have Elandon Roberts, I think the front seven will better than last year’s. I’m reeeeeaaally excited about seeing Ed Oliver play this season.

I don’t think there has been this great a defense coupled with a great offense since 1989 -1990. It could truly be one of the best teams ever.

Yet DCTF gave our DLine a C or C- according to someone that posted.


I expect the offense to be significantly better than last season. We were plagued with injuries on the o-line and at running back last year. The addition of Catalon at RB is going to open things up for Greg Ward.

That’s ridiculous.

They use opponent adjusted rankings. We were middle of the pack according to these rankings, is Greg Tepper’s explanation to me via Twitter.

@Tepper if you want to see the conversation.

Glad to know Okie is not on the list


Our D is better than any B12 D in my opinion. The results are going to shock folks in our opener against OU. The hype bubble is going to be popped.


Went back and reread the article. It’s as exciting today as 2 days ago. This gives UH something special that is on par or better than anything in the Big 12 and doesn’t have the DCTF spin. Our defensive front 7 will draw national attention this year, and when you add Oliver to the mix it will be world class. DCTF will have a really tough time backing out their evaluation. But I have faith in them. They will figure our a way. And I like the mag; been buying it - biases and all - since the 60s. But facts is facts.

I relayed that information from DCTF. Their summary said, " From the outset, this doesn’t look like a dominant group, but if Ed Oliver lives up to his promise, it could be the conferences’s best." My derriere. UH’s front 7 will match any in the Big 12, including OU.

Guess they don’t think much of Cameron Malveaux and the gang. Of course DCTF gave our linbackers an A. Guess that’s because the LBs will have to make up for the shortcomings of the D-line. Only thing I can figure.

As I mentioned earlier, the advanced metrics say the dline is average at best, therefore a C grade. :expressionless:

Our front 7 was good last year and will be better this year. Who did a better job stopping FSUs vaunted running game and pressuring their QB than Houston? answer? No one…Who did the best job of stopping Navy’s great option running game? Again, HOUSTON, thats who…And our secondary will be better than most think because the replacements coming in are very talented. And NO ONE is better coached on defense than we are.

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DCTF and all of the Media using analytics to judge us want to see the Coogs fail, plain and simple. They will use all kind of false stuff to discredit us…and because they are the media, the louder they speak, the more the masses will believe. This will probably hurt our playoff chances, even if we go undefeated. The Committee will heed to the lies. Then when we prove them wrong, they will say next year that since we lost Greg Ward, we shouldn’t be ranked…and they will drop us from the top 25, even if we win it all this year…

Derrick, lighten up dude. We have our challenges but it’s not as bad as you make it out to be. There’s some sunshine in there. We got a ton of really good press after last season and we’re still getting it. Yes, there are “those” and we know who they are. But if you let the negativity get to you, you won’t be able to enjoy the ride.

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