Top Eight 2 Year Winning % Alltime

1978-79. .8333

2015-16. .8148

1973-74. .8125

1988-89. .7826

1969-70. .7727

1966-67. .7500

2021-22. .7407

1970-71. .7391


Yeoman. 5

Herman, Pardee, Dana. 1 each.

Most prominent winning QB on this list: Gary Mullins. Played 1969-1971. Our winning % for the 32 games he started was .8125.


Moon Mullins ran the veer as well as anyone we ever had. He was a fierce competitor and one of the leaders we ever had here.


If Moon Mullins had directed the Coog offense to start the season, we had a legitimate chance to go undefeated.

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Congrats to the players and coaches for a solid two years. Let’s keep it going next season. I’m excited to see what unfolds.


Regarding Mullins. He played for San Angelo and in 1966 his team was State Champion.

Notice Yeoman’s recruiting reach. San Angelo is WAY out there in West Texas.

He also had a player from Pampa, which is near Amarillo. And from Oklahoma(Dickie Post) who had a solid NFL career. In 1976 our starting RB was from Cuero. Alois Blackwell was MVP of The Cotton Bowl.

We have had great players from Dallas, including Danny Davis and 1969 All American Bill Bridges. Clayton Tune is from a Dallas suburb.

In short talent is where you find it. Houston, Dallas, East Texas, West Texas, San Antonio(current QB Coley from there, as was All American Warren McVea).

You can notice that Texas Tech signed many good players from Houston. Those guys did that because they wanted to get away from home. Guys in Dallas et al also want to get away from home. It can be easier for UH to sign them than it is to sign a Houston recruit.

Best wishes to our program as we attempt to make it 3 consecutive good years in 2023.