TOP OU excuses

Guess the OU excuses for a loss. To really punch up an excuse be dismissive of Coogs/UH/Houston.

  1. We were looking ahead to tOSU cuz tOSU is THE bigger game.
  2. This is really a home game for UH.
  3. UH played out of its head as the game was your Super Bowl.
  4. Enjoy your win…it won’t get you very far.

Now your turn!

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OU was unmotivated to play coogs like Florida State was…

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The coog fans were too loud, not enough sooner fans to make them feel comfortable.

They hit too hard.

They don’t play a schedule as tough as we do.

Houston is a dirty team.


LOL @Coogfans2ndAdmin thats a good one, that was what i said about memphis, except that was mostly true

This was our Super Bowl


Coach Herman cheated by asking Urban Meyer for strategies!

Lol…yeah, just like we were UTEP’s Superbowl! :slight_smile:

The Cougars didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves.

They can have all the excuses they can come up with. Excuses are the nails that are used to build a house of failure.

The Refs, it was the refs.

Would anybody know who the refs will be at this game?
I hope we don’t have Big 12 refs.

I believe it is a Big 12 crew. Can’t be worse than an AAC crew though.

I actually prefer a Big 12 crew. There are members of AAC crews that I question if they even know all the rules.

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