Top ten College Football Traditions

IMHO, #8 is vastly underrated :wink:


West Virginia and burning couches are what I always associate with each other. How often does that actually happen?


Prepare the sacrifice!


It is the practice of celabratory bonfires…thats all it ever has been…after a win, students light impromptu bonfires using the most available sources of fuel they can find…it was often old couches from the front porch of a frat house. Now unlike the stupid VT fans, our students actually REMOVE the couch from the front porch to avoid burning down buildings, and unlike Texas A&M, our bonfires havent killed anyone yet. :wink:




I was never a huge fan of that Jump Around “tradition”. A bunch of dopes jumping up and down, cause the song tells them to

What about at Texas Tech, the masked rider on a horse?


Im sure you thought the Astrodome in the 1980s and 90s was a great atmosphere though.

I was being tongue and cheek. I just wouldn’t put it top 10

I prefer this over the Jump Around “tradition”, as you said.

Funny tidbit, heard a Soccer Analyst on ESPN describe the fan experience in Football (NFL specifically) as having a “corporate” feel to it. Ex. the jumbotron tells you when to cheer, what to say (ex. Defense), and overall there is a format sorta dictating the procession.

Compared to soccer, this is certainly the case, but imo that’s one thing that makes College Football more enjoyable and somewhat more communal.

Sure, you have the jumbotron telling you to cheer, say “Defense!” or make some noise, but the each school’s traditions & chants are what sets them apart.


Question for the group. Is an entrance really a"tradition"? I feel like it should have it’s own category vs being in on the other stuff


I remember they showed this on Fox. And it went viral on social media, cause it was a full stadium after Covid.

But, look at the students doing it. Nerds…cmon. lol

And i am one

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Welcome WVU Fan. Hadn’t noticed the name until now.

Curious, what made you want to follow a UH Fan Page?

I ask because I’ve seen some of our fans mention that they’ve joined other Big 12 team fan pages on other social media forums.


Fair question. Well Ralphies Run, i think is just a pre game ritual. Similar to the Masked Rider entrance at Tech

I dont think they do it after a touchdown or something. Not 100% sure

Howards Rock at Clemson, is also kind of an entrance thing.

No Bayou Bucket?

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I have never understood why Zorro is their mascot. Or is it Yosemite sam?


And then we get into a whole other subcategory…lol.

But it’s an interesting question for us as well… What would you rather have if we could do something to get on the list? An awesome entrance, midgame sing along, or a post game thing like WVU?

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Beginning of the game i would prefer, for UH. As a tradition.

Cause at the end of the game, its usually the school song. Fans are leaving.

I always thought cage sway was awesome. Why don’t they do that anymore? I also think Bob Ford (PA announcer) should lead the coogs house with the whole stadium. Lastly, I want to bring the Houston Cougars chant back.


I guess Tech has both. Zorro on the horse for football games. And Yosemite Sam for Basketball and all other sports

I came onto this site last year after the departure of Texas and OU from the Big 12. I knew that Houston was going to be a domino to fall in the oncoming realignment and saw a possibility that ESPN would try to prompt PAC expansion with a number of Big 12 schools and Houston, or the Big 12 would remain intact and bring in between 2 to 4 schools and i wanted to see how Houston fans were seeing the landscape. I guess after that you folks have just grown on me a bit…its been fun discussing things here, specifically the realignment scenarios.