Tory's replacement is

Nelly Gonzalez from TCU.


Good to see someone filled the position so quickly.

I understand that Tory’s leaving was the one that really hurt the boys.

Did she go to Texas?

Well I think she did go to Austin, TX at least once (on November 25th) to watch TCU beat the crap out of ut-austin 31-9. That being said, however, she didn’t ever attend Satan’s (burnt orange variety) school in austin.

Auburn grad. Previous to TCU she worked at Penn State and Vandy.

Welcome to H-Town!

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I meant, did Tory leave to go join Texas?


Welcome to The #HTowntakeover

Just welcome Nelly, and hope she is as valued as she does her thing.

Kids, the only constant is the fans. Staff and coaches will come and go. We retire as UH fans when we die. Some of us sooner than others (I’m 65). :slight_smile:

You’ve got me by a year Oldtimer. :wink:

And you are right. Even I sometimes forget that to us it’s a passion but to most of the staff it’s a j-o-b, A job they’ll leave when a better/more lucrative/closer to home one comes along. ‘Lifers’ are rare these days.