Tosh Lupoi

Head Coaching Candidate.

Alabama Defensive Coordinator Tosh Lupoi
Bonus is that he is currently working on a game plan against Oklahoma which will benefit us in our first game.

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Alabama is not letting him go anytime soon. He is a huge part of the recruiting engine over there.

1)I have a feeling Alabama will be fine as long as CNS is there
2)Maybe Lupoi feels he is ready to take a HC position


Well currently we only have a DC position available for him. And he may be a candidate for a hc position after next season and maybe he will get an interview then. Or maybe James Casey, being down the hall and friends with some high school coaches, will get the nod. For continuity’s sake…

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Tosh Lupoi makes $1.1M and Major Applewhite makes $1.5M, so Lupoi isn’t going to come here in 2020 for a measly $400K increase for a lot more responsibilities.

Our administration is not going to pay someone $2M with no HC experience.

I will keep saying it because it is true. UH cannot afford a P5 level head coach. So UH needs to get the best DC and OC money can buy in the 800K-1 million range.

Lupoi isn’t a p5 HC.

Funny, I thought we were a top 3% G5 program. Look what our competition (the rest of the top 3%) are paying their head coaches. Look at what we paid CMA and what that got us.

We are fortunate the get the $1 mllion buyout from FSU plus we were willing to pay Herman to stay so we do have the money…we go cheap AGAIN…we are admitting we are not a top 3% G5 program

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That sounds like a harsh slap of reality, hopefully Pez bucks the normal SOP

We need big time money for a big time coach capable of winning games and rebuilding our program.

We also need a big-time, donating fan base to hire big-time coaching prospects while willing to pay big-time season ticket prices – without B & Moaning. Would also help if our big-time fan base would show up to all our games and fill our big-time stadium without complaining about the weather, traffic, seating, parking, food, type of offense, type of defense, etc.


You’re asking a lot from Houstonians.

You don’t have expectations; you have a complex.

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I think James Casey will make a great head coach in the future. #2020

No, I am willing to call out stupid decisions by our admins and not sit their and think they can do no wrong.

Tosh Lupoi makes to much sense so they will not hire him. They will stay with Applejuice.

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“there.” Who thinks sports administrators can do no wrong? No, you definitely have a complex. It’s not as if I’m just now thinking, “Wow, talk about a guy seeing the glass as half-empty!” I’ve never read a UHSigep post that wasn’t complaining or forecasting doom. Come in off the ledge.