“Toxic” football culture at Maryland

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B1G is having a rough offseason.

Does anyone else see this turning into a #metoo thing? Not saying that’s a bad thing, but I can see the Urban Meyer thing and now Maryland starting a snowball of whistleblowers, especially once attorneys start smelling blood. Will be interesting to see how much of this goes on across the country.


Maybe, but I think each of these situations is different. Remember that Maryland is already dealing with the College Basketball Recruiting Scandal and was rumored to be over $50M in debt prior to the B1G addition…I think what we’re seeing in this case is an athletic department that is struggling to keep it’s head above water which tends to lead to corruption and problems.


Pardon me for my ignorance…how can a athletics department struggle to keep head over water when you are in a P5 conference making the crazy money those schools make??! It is not like they are in The Sunbelt…staff must be using money to fund themselves…


Coaches are commonly a “product” of their past. Durkin worked under Muschamp, Urban Meyer & Harbaugh I believe. All of the previously mentioned have a reputation. This style of Coaching can only work for so long with the same group. It is no coincidence that the strength & conditioning Coach is often used as the “drill sergeant” Read between the lines. The fear/intimidation factor is a sign of weakness. Vince Lombardi, Bear Bryant were disciplinarian but they never were demeaning to their players. At the core they were amazing Teachers. Was it hard, often a nightmare to train/play under them? Sure it was . Listen/read about the players that they had. They often said that they changed their lives for the better. There is a huge difference on how you make your players realize that they need to step up versus insulting them to motivate them. Like any management styles there is a fine line that you should never cross. The ones that do find themselves looking for another job.





Maryland went on a spending spree right as their teams started losing. They left the ACC for $.

If you want to compete with the top programs, you are going to have to spend big money. Schools like Alabama, UT, Ohio State, etc. get the big TV money and 100K a game with lots of big money donors. The Marylands of the world aren’t going to be flush with cash if they try to compete with that.

Most athletic departments, even those in P5 conferences, receive a subsidy from their university. They spend a huge amount of money on men’s revenue sports (football and men’s basketball) and some on non-revenue sports BUT are legally obligated to spend the same amount on women’s sports.

On a related note, revenue amongst P5 schools in the same conference can vary wildly. Conference distributions is just one piece of each school’s revenue pie. Ohio State made almost double the amount of revenue Maryland did in 2016-17 despite being in the same conference. The same can be said for Texas and Tech. Texas Tech’s revenue was 41% of Texas’ overall revenue in the same time frame.


I think that schools may be obligated to have the same or similar number of scholarship male vs female athletes, but I think that the amount of money they spend on each might differ greatly.


Durkin was smiling, said a parent of a Maryland player who described the meeting. One player asked a rhetorical question to Durkin: What was the program’s No. 1 core value? The player answered it himself, telling his head coach the correct answer was “honesty.” Then, that player and two others walked out of the meeting, according to the parent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive nature of the subject.

This is the environment that Durkin is walking into: a fractured locker room that features a faction of players that supported his return and a faction that did not.


And then Maryland turns around today and fires Durkin. :crazy_face:



Maryland shouldn’t be playing football this season. They should have let the entire team transfer out with no wait if they wanted. There’s lots of old school moron coaches out there. They have huge buyouts and make a lot of money. The kids are told to take it and like it.

They might need to shutdown college basketball for a year too. Just a dirty dirty business.


This is why Herman has a pee chart. Anyone accuses him of endangering players, he will point to the chart to show how much he cares.


Don’t forget the kisses.