Track & Field is Making Moves

Some really good hires for T&F. I have a feeling that the budget has been increased a pretty good amount to get these guys. Especially excited for cross country which has been a mess in recent years because we didn’t want to pay anything for a coach.

For those looking forward to seeing the program keep getting better, consider joining the podium club. No reason why we can’t win a team national championship and more fan support will only help.


Can’t find the source again, but we might have picked up a 7’+ high jumper recently.


Did these guys replace people who left or is this an increase in staffing?

According to the article, Gibson replaces Ferrerra, who was an interim coach last year:

“I would like to thank…current interim distance coach Andy Ferrera for filling in this year. Andy will be staying on board as the team’s biomechanics video analysts coach for the entire program.”

Looks like the multi events coach is a new position? Or maybe taking some responsibility off of other current coaches?