Traffic Alert: Cullen Blvd. 1-lane

A couple of weeks ago, Cullen was still 1 lane in each direction from Holman to Elgin*, so plan accordingly for Grambling game.

*I think it was 1 lane each way from Cougar Place to N of Elgin, but I’m not sure. In any event, this’ll slow down getting to and from the game. This project started late 2020 & is from Wheeler to 45 –

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Cullen is being rebuilt as one lane each way with a pedestrian walk between the two lanes. Traffic is going to be a nightmare for those of us that park in the garage

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“To more effectively address traffic flow, the project lane changes include the addition of a continuous left turn lane the entire length of Cullen Blvd, along with one traffic flow lane in each direction, resulting in a width change of 48 feet to 33 feet overall from N. MacGregor to Elgin. The section of Cullen Blvd. from Elgin to I-45 remains unchanged.”