Trainers and Training Staff Question

We play a very tough, physically demanding brand of basketball. And we collect more than our share of season ending injuries. Is the training staff not doing something that might prevent some of this? Ball players get hurt, but we pile up the season ending type at an alarming rate. Just curious.

I’m not trying to come at you, all respect. But we have one of if not the best strength and conditioning coaches in the country. We literally win games just solely off our physicality, strength and endurance. Teams can’t beat us in OT because they don’t have enough juice.

Not like we have a whole bunch of soft tissue injuries, can’t do much about freak accidents like last game with Jamal, or Ramon and Chaney hands, Sasser and JoJos foot, Roberts stitched up hand, or falling awkwardly and hurting his shin. What can you really do to prevent that? Not play as hard? Don’t dive on the ground for every loose ball? TA and Fabian are really the only ones that tore something just off non contact.


I’m wondering if the tough and physical play is hurting our free throw shots as hitting the ground too much affects the form.

We have one of the best strength and conditioning staffs in the country. Accidents and injuries will happen. Our training staff and process is a huge reason we are successful. Would not change a thing.

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After practice the staff has our bigs take like 100 free throws and Sampson said that Francis will make like 88 of them. They try to simulate the pressure of a game environment by doing little things it just hasn’t translated to a real game

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No offense taken. I legitimately did not know anything about this. Appreciate the answer.

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