Tramon Mark Freshman Highlights - The Future

The last of the highlight reels for this season



I can’t imagine how good Tramon will be next season. Additional maturity and confidence. Look out!

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Nice work!

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That buzzer beater against Memphis still gives me chills.

Also, I thought Reid Gettys was insane early in the season when he compared Tramon to James Harden. But when you watch his highlights, they have some very similar moves and tendencies. Like @wewantyoursoul, I too cannot imagine how good this kid is going to be next year.


Thanks Pesik!!


Im petitioning for a walk-on compilation highlight video next year :laughing:


Great job as always Pes…Mark, if he stays here two more years will be an All American!

Sorry, but he needs to really improve his shooting. His shooting was below average, and that’s being nice. Loved the midcourt winner, and the Rutgers putback was my play of the year. But those are outliers. His shooting at times was horrid.


There is just something that I like about Tramon Mark’s game. I can’t put a finger on it, but he has the it factor. Can he improve his shooting, yes…his defense, yes…but, say what you will, the young man has a knack for making big plays. He has a smooth set of skills. After what he accomplished as a freshman, and maybe I am wrong…I’m just an old man, but I feel like if the Coogs need someone to make a big play, Mark will step-up and make a big play.


I’m betting coach completely disagrees with you.
Must I remind you he was a true freshman adapting to the college game. He passed and now he prepares to teach the class.
And I thought his defense was the most improved part of his game after watching him play in high school and then the beginning games at UH.

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What an absurd statement. It’s not an opinion, it’s about facts. 26% from 3-land. 39% total, which includes layups. If coach thinks that 26% 3 point shooting is satisfactory, we’re in trouble.

And you’ve got him as an All-American in 2 years … no over the top bias there. He can be all-conference but he won’t be all-American.

You know how DeJon would drive to the basket all gangly like a newborn giraffe, then score. He just had that drive. Well Tramon seems to have the same kind of drives at times.

I believe Tramon will be a major force for our team this fall and will be lightyears ahead of his freshman season.

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Don’t you think he will improve as a second year player? He played as a freshman during a Covid-19 impacted season. He will put in the work this summer and we will see the difference next season. Mark my word.

I simply said he really needs to improve his shooting. I didn’t say he will always be a below average shooter. I didn’t say he should get less PT.

And yes I’m sure he’s putting in the work to do just that despite coach saying he probably doesn’t need to.

I never said he would be an All American in two years. I have said from the time he got here he has the intangibles to be All-America.
I said in the last post that I think he could be a two and done with a great year.
But go ahead and knock the freshman who played a lot on a final four team.
Because you know basketball like no other including coach.

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“Great job as always Pes…Mark, if he stays here two more years will be an All American!”

You beat me to it Bussey. Maybe it was another Butch that said he’ll be an All-American in two years :man_facepalming:

Great job Pesik. Thanks for posting player highlights.

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Y’all give butch a break.:hugs:

He was thinking one thing and another thing came out.

Happens to us all.


It’s all good. We all do it sometimes. Just watched the vid and it’s awesome. Thanks Pesik for posting and thanks for making me want next season to start even more than I already do. Great stuff.

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