Tramon Mark Noncommittal About Another Season at Houston — Elite Guard Could

I wouldn’t read too much into it, either, but we all know he’s thought about it - probably a lot.

He’s a solid dude and knows that he’s going to explore his professional opportunities, so he doesn’t want to commit to something that ends up not being true.

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As long as we have CKS we’re good to go. Will we make it to the final 4 next year probably not but that’s fun of having a great Coach like CKS never know, always have a punchers chance of doing so, with him


Exactly… Especially, knowing how Mark is… He doesn’tike talking to media after wins; let alone losses…

Come back and get this NIL $ and chip MRM.


I think Tramon is critical to our first year success in the Big 12. Him leaving would be a huge loss.


He is not ready for the NBA would probably have to spend a few years in the G League before getting a shot at playing time on an NBA team. I’m sure we could convince him to say with some NIL but who knows.

I’m sure this the year he planned on leaving when he first came to UH… But after the shoulder injury season and this year’s inconsistency I think he’d be doing himself a favor if he stays and works on his shot and handles and see if he can’t play himself into the late first round for next year’s draft.

Guess it all depends on his gradings and amount of players that grade higher than him at his position.


“Spend a few years in the g-league”

Very doubtful….not saying he would make opening season roster but I could see him on a two-way bouncing up and down……I think his game is better suited for the pro game.

Having said all that….I really hope he is back.

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So that means I know nothing about basketball?

Yeah, I’m gonna lose some money on the Rox….the talent was there but Silas could not get most of them to play defense….
So was I wrong about their record this year? He// yes I was wrong and I own a hundred percent……but if you think that decides whether or not I know anything about basketball then you belong in that category as well.


To @Pollardsvision defense… Rockets have been tanking for a bit sitting out guys for periods of time or taking Sengun out of games so they could lose.

Even at that they still going to win around 20. The line was around 23.5 i believe.


There is nothing wrong with Mark testing the NBA waters to see what his current draft value is and what he needs to work on to improve his draft status. It is a valuable tool at his disposal. Key dates for Mark:

  • Apply for an evaluation of his NBA draft prospects by 4/13/23
  • Declare to enter the draft by 4/23/23.
  • Withdraw from the NBA draft by 5/31/23

This assumes Mark has not signed with an NBA agent. If he signs with an agent, he automatically loses his eligibility.

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The key to this is you got to make sure he is coming back to save him a spot, or youll end up with last year’s results when Kenny Lofton didnt come here after all and all the good players from the portal had committed to other schools and signed!

Another note: As hard as our players play on both ends of the floor our depth wasnt as good as we thought going into the season :writing_hand:


Do you think that an NBA team would take him right now?

The way I see is that Tramon isn’t a consistent 3 point shooter and if he can become a good shooter then I can see him having a career in the NBA. Maybe it would serve him best to go to the league to improve without having to worry about school.

I don’t know. He is an iso player so maybe someone with that type of offense will take a shot on him. Drafted is unlikely but if measurables are good then yes.

I think at this present time, G-league at best. Maybe that will change after next season.

I’m selfish, and never want to lose a player early, but when a guy has the goods to get to the next level I fully support him. It’s nice that our program has gotten to the level that we have to have this discussion about multiple players leaving early. As for Tramon, I think he’s good enough to test the waters, so he should. Same with Jamal. IMO, they both could improve their chances in The Pros by playing another year for the Coogs. Here’s hoping they stay. EATEMUP!



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