Tramon Mark Noncommittal About Another Season at Houston — Elite Guard Could


Fully expect him to go NBA. But that’s just my opinion whether it happens or it’s wrong.

Where is he going to go that will be a better spot, he is clearly not going to get drafted.


I love Mid Range … but I’ve been hearing this all year …heard he didn’t want to go thru Sampson’s off season program again … didn’t think it was true , but guess it might be …a natty might have changed his mind …

Well he is going to have to work on setting his feet correctly. When he does that he is money. When his feet are not set he misses.


Figured this would come up if he had a stellar year, which he did not.

I’d expect him to “test the waters” and be back.

Seems like a leap to say he’s non-committal when he basically just said “I don’t want to talk about that right now” immediately after being knocked out of the tourney…


I would agree. I expect him and Shead back next year.


He will test the waters and he should.


Not the worst news!!! G League can do him wonders on developing his perimeter game in a more up and down more possession game.

Of course I don’t mind him coming back but it’s a win-win situation.

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You guys saying he has no shot to get drafted are flat out wrong.

Not going to get into a big debate, did that on another thread about TM.

Nobody here is an NBA scout including me, but I do have an idea what they look for and how the draft works.

His body build, strength & agility are there my friend.

With a year of professional training with no school work or classes his game can blossom faster in his few short comings like shooting & handle!

He has everything else down to pat.

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Something that is an easy fix….and one thing a lot of people forget is the NBA is a MUCH different game than college.

I see people on this board saying a player won’t get drafted because they only average 10ppg. Really?

Not directed at you Mump.


Some people equate getting drafted with being on an NBA roster from the jump….most guys bounce up and down from leagues.

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We are at tbe stage now where we just reload. Good luck Mark or great your coming back.


I can also play devil’s advocate so don’t jump on my throat and i’m no scout. But I just don’t see UH making it to the FF again next season if coach has two average shooters at the guard position in the starting line up. But since Shead runs the engine and ever since he’s taken over as starter UH has been good, even with out Sasser and Mark last year I would want him back! Plus he’s the only true pg in the roster right now for next year!


I think TM should come back and be THE guy. But if he doesn’t, we have lost other players (probably just as good).

TA can spell TM.


Mark would be our best player if he comes back. I hope he comes back. He would be the secondary ball handler and would handle the ball in some sets even if shead is on the court.

I think a back court of Shead and Mark would be great for next year. build around them in the portal


He 100% needs to test the waters. That feedback and training will help his game a lot.


I really don’t take his comment to mean anything. It probably means I haven’t even had the time or inclination to think about it.