Tramon Mark Noncommittal About Another Season at Houston — Elite Guard Could

Transfers beware. Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener at your next destination.

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With multiple transfers of some athletes, it’s apparent to me they don’t care about their education.

I believe an athlete should show progress towards a degree before they are allowed to transfer. Otherwise it diminishes the integrity of university sports.

The NCAA is a useless, toothless, bureaucratic pile of manure.


Many of these transfers are being “encouraged” to enter the portal by their staff


How old are you?

I think he’s used his eligibility.

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What’s your point?

ZERO interest in seeing a return of mark.

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i wouldnt mind mark, but it has to be tied with a PG that can shoot 3s…

like i wouldnt mind wade and tramon …but i would not want tramon with jizzle james


I don’t think GooseCreek has a COVID year.

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Tramon returning feels like remarrying your ex-wife.


Ok that was very funny.

I don’t even know what to say to this. Lol

I know some folks that have done it.

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More than once… :laughing:

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Ron Swanson?

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FWIW, I was responding to East Coast Coog, not Coogman91.

“(Tramon) looks so good in (red), he wants us, it’s easy to see.”

Bored, George Strait attempt.

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Wait. So, is Jizzle transferring?? Quit playing.

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jizzles dad hinted that he is coming back to cincy