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Another great article.

Inside The Tramon Mark “Don’t Worry” Game — How Houston Pulled Off the Sweetest NCAA Tournament Comeback and UH’s Elite Third Guard Lifted the Doubts (


UH needs him to be a big part of the offense NOW! The more the other guys have to think/worry about the better.

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I think with NIL he’ll be back…

Without it… And a big tourney performance; he might have declared… Like Hinton and Brooks.

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It’s not that simple. How the offense is run depends entirely on the defense that is played and the personnel playing it.

Tramon was the most favorable matchup last night based on Auburn’s small back court and man-to-man defense.

Against Northern Kentucky, that wasn’t an option. They play a unique 2-3 zone that won’t allow for iso. The only way they could possibly pull off iso in a zone like that is if you went small ball and put four guys on the arc on the weak side, but we didn’t have the personnel to pull that off with Sasser out.

Also, if Mark’s playing more rangey/lengthy 3s, he isn’t going to get the clean looks like he did last night.


Still each player can contribute in his own way. As a former coach I wanted to say “we gotta stop this guy or we gotta control these 2 guys”. I couldn’t imagine trying to stop UH- which has 9.


Hopefully Mark can continue his hot shooting, before this game he was in a slump. Maybe this will also be another weapon Sampson can use in his game plan from here on out.

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He looked confident. That is HUGE


Whether he is scoring or not, he is always defending extremely well. I think he has been about as good a defender as Shead.

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I also work in Dickinson ISD. Trying to get the teachers and staff at the middle school I teach at reppping the Coogs. I’m like come on Tramon is from this district. Hear nothing about him amongst the teachers. Other teachers will wear their UH shirts on college day but I am always repping the Coogs. Supposed to wear Gator blue and jeans on Friday. Guess Im not wearing jeans because we are in the Sweet16 so khakis and red it is lol


We wear college shirts and jeans on Mondays at the high school. The principal talked up Tramon and UH in announcements during the Final Four run.


It was sad they put teacher teams together and gave them Universities in the State of Texas. The 4 teachers who had UH had no idea about anything. They had this little pep rally thing back at the beginning of the year to see which teacher teams could get there kids to rep there university the best. The UH teacher team kids all they knew was the Coog House chant. I was like oh man this is bad. I literally went over to that section of kids and showed them the Cougar Paw and later during my conference period sent the teachers the link to the UH website that has the traditions of UH along with fight song and anamaterate. I couldnt help myself my UH Red was coming through and my heart hurt seeing those kids and teachers lost about UH. Well wish we could get some word going about the Coogs at the intermediate school.


Tramon couldn’t have picked a better time to come out of his slump.
That’s the cool thing about this team that we have several guys who can step up big when others are struggling.
I don’t think Mark is finished yet!
Go Coogs!

Go Gators GATA

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I don’t think the athletes are allowed to have alcohol NIL deals but I think you have winner with the Tramon “Makers” Mark.

Like 1406 Hayessss street.


Dickinson ISD just sent out an email to all staff in the District to support Dickinson’s own Tramon Mark and the Coogs that all staff are encouraged to wear red and UH shirts and polos to support the Coogs! Yes finally the whole district has taken notice and showing support for the Coogs!



Hinton and Brooks listened to NBA pimp agents.

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