Transfer Needs

A Big. Can shoot and block shots. You know, like Hakeem.

A scorer. Can create his own shots. Defense cannot afford to leave him open. Can drive to the basket. You know, like what Baylor has.

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We need a Rob. He doesn’t have to be an all-america…but I would take that.


Yep we needed man bun.


If we are doing dream needs, I’ll take 3 6’10"" guys with superb lateral quickness, 4.3 40 times and enough bulk to keep Shaq out of the lane. Oh and don’t forget 50% 3 point shooters with excellent handling/driving skills and an unbridled passion for playing defense!


Our biggest need this scoring. First and foremost, not just shooting. But being able to break a guy down and get to the rim. We we horrible this year at getting inside the paint. Mark and Shead will help a lot with that next year. But the more you can’t get into the paint and score. The most open looks you will get outside


I know the Rockets have been unloading players, maybe they’d be willing to send us a pro or two for some future draft picks lol

Today’s game reinforces this. We need consistent scorers. They weren’t just raining threes on us, they were hitting in the mid range as well …


Yea. I look back on the days of gray dropping in 3-point layups with nostalgia. Make no mistake this team was world class but its rare team that wins most games on second and third shots.

Hoping for a drive n disher but will be satisfied with whatever Sampson decides.

Can we get 5 Michael Jordans?


We have too many guys that can’t score unless they are set up, and unfortunately we only have 1 guy that can set them up :joy::joy:. Mark and Shead will be great setting people up and breaking down defenders. They just need time. But when you can’t break guys down and force dudes to rotate and help it makes your offense look bad and that was our biggest problem this year. It was like we either dunk or shoot 3s lol we need guys who score at all 3 levels. It’s like our bigs can’t score outside and our guards can’t score inside lol. We will have more all around scoring next year I believe



That was Rob Gray’s specialty.

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Saying all that I thought UH was the 3rd best team in the country! (Sorry UCLA all about matchups)

Is it just me or were the Baylor bigs had twice more arm muscles than we did? Maybe we need some Shaq type players.

They were taller. But where UH lost was on the offensive end. UH didn’t have the offensive fire power to keep up with them.

How the hell did Cade Cunningham beat them lol.

They got hot for a weekend and Baylor was still recovering from their break. They’ve looked better every week since they’ve come back.

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They were pretty stout.

Walker is coming.