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@UHCoog i agree. Sampson system is pretty structured/rigid.

So, you could be very talented. But if Sampson doesn’t trust you with the rock, your minutes are reduced.

That can be bad at times. Sometimes players do need a little more freedom, to showcase their offensive abilities.

Could Mylik start for an AAC team, probably. But for a P5 team? No, in my opinion.

P5: Big12, Big East, Big 10, SEC, ACC

To start, you have to be an elite scorer or elite passer. Which i don’t think Mylik is. That means hes a role player off the bench, for most P5 teams

Mylik has HOPS!!! Anyone remember what his vertical was? Legit rebounder

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Like 42-44 inches I think

Shead has another year. Don’t know if he wants to come back, but make him an NIL offer he cannot refuse :sunglasses:


Just gonna have to disagree with each other on this one….he just doesn’t look comfortable to me as a natural PG.
Whether he starts and gets 30 minutes or 15 off the bench should not affect the way you play….as a player you play to maximize your abilities and if you do you earn more and more time….

CKS does not have some Ferrari here that he’s keeping in the garage….Mylik has been here awhile….Sampson has had plenty of time to see what he is and isn’t as a player……if he were a Big 12 quality starting PG he would have been out there a ton more the last couple of seasons.

But again, just my opinion.

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Yeah we disagree. Sampson has Option A then option B then option C with how he runs his offense and who gets the most of the touches. Put Mylik in a different offense and he probably looks like a completely different player. @Coog1992 and I definitely think that he could start for a P6 team.

what?? MW doesn’t have the skillset to be good on offense no matter what offense you put him in

-cant shoot, only reliable in a midrange
-cant dribble and pass like an elite, or even a good point guard should have

his strengths, and why he gets minutes

-good on ball defender, only weakness is gets lost on switches sometimes, or rotates slow
-athletic freak, which is why hes a great rebounding guard

he is not and never will be a starting point guard, and that’s ok he has other ways to contribute

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Way to rag on one of our own. Sometimes I wish there was a dislike button on this site. Smh


We need Mylik Wilson to continue to play good if UH wants to sniff a FF and make a deep run.


You just don’t know your history, a simple Google search will go a long way. How do you think Wilson caught Sampson’s eye in the first place?

Absolutely needs those minutes from him….

Wait till Sampson dusts off the Ol’ box and one with
Mylik as the Mongoose….lol

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I bet Cincy :basketball: has decent NIL…

If you’ve never been to Cincy… There ain’t much there to do… It’s po-dunk compared to the H!

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