Transfer portal 2024

Too early for portal talk? Yes.

Dedan Thomas Jr is starting for UNLV.

But they’re bad. 3-4 record. 133rd in KenPom.

They play Creighton, Saint Marys, San Diego St upcoming.

He’s putting up stats. Playing alot (34.6 minutes per game)

I think he looks at Houston and Arizona. 2 teams that were interested. And puts his name in the portal


I think that ship has said with UH.

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He actually looks pretty good handling the ball as a freshman. I really think he would have done wonders here :(.

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Nah, not like he Tom Herman’d us. He just chose to be close to home. I think CKS has to look at his original recruitment as an opportunity.

Also, thank you NCAA for providing no clarity on 2x time transfers. Ridiculous

I don’t think we’ll risk targeting a player who’s already transferred once. And will need a waiver

This is ridiculous. Why not wait until someone actually hits the portal.


Well yesterdays postgame comments by Coach about possibly replacing 5-6 players, just got me thinking

Just looking at guards across college basketball, who have a high assist #. Who have a good steals per game number

Dedan 6.1 assists per game, caught my attention.

Yeah, its way early too talk portal. I agree

He’s a true freshman, he hasn’t transferred anywhere.


@LumberjackWeezy sorry, wasnt referring to Dedan.

Just the transfer portal in general.

Jalen Cook (transferred from Tulane to LSU) waiver still not approved

But, several 2-time transfers have been. So, what’s the criteria

Moussa Cisse got his waiver. But his teammate Brandon Murray did not. And Murray had a coaching change at Georgetown :man_shrugging:

UH will look for other point guards no need for him anymore.

Please. Doesn’t hurt that he’s friends with Lath and Mercy Miller

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I just want Queen on the Coogs. Do y’all think we have a legit shot at him?


Well that didn’t help the first time around.


If anything Lath could end up at UNLV


Dedan playing at a school with very little media coverage easy competition is going to hurt his draft stock, plain and simple. On top of that I don’t think they’re gonna make the tournament.

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UNLV is 3-4 and 214 in the NET. The only way they are making the Tourney is by winning the MWC tournament


He is young, well paid and taken care of, and I bet the NBA scouts are watching.
Like someone famous said once, that ship has sailed.

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Your boy Dedan looking good today :joy:

14 points and 4 rebounds as UNLV leads Creighton at half