Transfer Portal

Is there an official list of players who enter the transfer portal?

I found this list on TOS. It appears to be pretty comprehensive (Chambers and Richardson are included).

Just curious if the NCAA publishes a list …

Per the NCAA website, it appears only school’s have access to the portal (i.e. no public accessible database). These recruiting websites are likely paying someone for the list on a daily basis.

Thank you.

Chambers is looking for his third school in his short college career. The kid from UCLA was on his third team when he came to us.

The portal is good but allowing some of these kids in my opinion to make some bad choices. Playing at 3 or more schools shows an inability to find ones niche in a program. Job hunters that had multiple jobs in a short period of time were always suspect when I used to interview prospects.


I always told my hiring managers that candidates with three strikes are out . Of course Coogs who were qualified to fill a position got priority . Know what I mean Vern ?
Go Coogs !


As a Coog fan, when there’s a great player transferring here, I want transfer rules that are as lax as possible, so said player can hit the field immediately. OTOH, when one of our key guys transfers out (a la Sims back in the day), I take it as a personal affront, and want said player to face countless obstacles to suiting up for their next team.

But when I step back and think about it objectively, why shouldn’t players be able to transfer freely? Many people on this board, I daresay, started at another university before coming here to UH. Why should it be harder for players?


I was with you until your second paragraph :slight_smile:

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A friend of mine went from controller to cfo at one company to cfo at another and is now being offered a VP of finance at a third company. All in the past 10 months. Jumping is proven to be better for one’s career.

In this case, if the guy can’t find a niche then more power to him to keep looking. Once he uses up his eligibility his chances become none.


Hopefully the VP position ends up being good. The short term gain is great but eventually job hopping has a way with catching up with you. You can still find work, it just might not be the place you want.

How many transfers do we have coming in next year? I read eight somewhere. The Alabama
linebacker looks important.

Id give you a thousand likes if I could for both of these. People only get so many chances in the world both in football and life.

Every chance you get to better yourself you should take as often as they come up. Every organization is doing the same thing.

Bunch of boomers!!!

Looking at the list has an ‘online shopping’ feel.

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