Transfer question

Can anybody transfer in any sport, and not have to sit out a season?

If they graduate, yes. Otherwise, they’d have to get a waiver and the NCAA has been cracking down on wavier requests.

As far as sports outside of basketball (men’s and women’s, football, baseball, and hockey, you can transfer and compete immediately. Basically how our T&F program got Montgomery last year.

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I think you should be able to transfer after two seasons without penalty. Sometimes kids get to towns where they don’t fit in. I think the only caveat should be a complete, irrevocable withdrawal from school before communicating with other teams.

There is at least a proposal to allow anyone to transfer without sitting out as long as they have a 3.0 gpa.

Finally something to keep North Carolina from improving kids’ grades.

A 3.0!,!,!?!?!?
Who has that??

You’d be surprised. Braylon Jones was like the valedictorian of his high school. Noble, Vaughn, Ed were all above 3.0 recently. I’m sure there are many others. Many of the lady athletes are regulars on the dean’s list.

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The comment was not directed at the team rather to the general student body, me included.

Nobody in the AFAM Department at UNC-CHeat had below a 3.75 so it all depends on where you “go to school” and “what you study.”

I advise you study harder and/or get help. A GPA north of 3.0 will open the doors to a lot of companies that won’t even look at an application with a GPA under 3.0. I know a lot of very smart people who because of a low GPA are stuck working for 2nd rate companies at least initially.

Always good advice to study harder but I got what I needed at the time and at age 64 I could not care less about my GPA and as President of a company employing 78 people I am ok with how things turned out.
Thanks UH and Go Coogs!

Section230rocks is hiding under the table, he thought you were in your mid twenties I guess! :grin::joy::joy:

Being 59 myself I try real hard on here to learn my audience in regards to age, etc bec it can make big difference on one’s perception, knowledge and history of UH Athletic program. I swear I thought for longest that Pray10 was some ole retiree with nothing to do but brings us all this great info. To know he has 2 young kids, not sure how he does it but AMEN to ya Brother. Forever grateful for your work and promoting UH Athletics.


Takes all kinds to be a Coog. I’m glad to see the younger Coogs because when I attend games it seems like there is a huge gap in our fan base between my age and millennials. We lost a generation (maybe 2) because of poor management on numerous levels within the UH system.


Amen to that, Bear. Despite some of the bickering and cannibalism that occurs on this board, I’m thankful for the passion that exists for excellence in our athletic programs. Went missing way to long.

Now if we could just find a passionate multiplier to put more butts in seats…

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At the moment, I’m a “young” 41 year-old retiree as I was medically discharged from the military due to severe back problems that caused me to be unable to sit up for longer than 30 minutes without passing out from dizzyness and pain. Military doctors couldn’t figure out how to fix it so they booted me. Had to do something while lying around while the kids were at school and the wife was at work (thank god for her patience).

Getting better though. Took some laser surgery once I was out to fix the pinching in my vertebrae that was causing blood loss to my brain and nerve damage in my arm and left side to get it started. Recently, I’ve gotten a couple of stem cell shots in my neck and back that have really helped out. Hope is that I can get back in shape (have been incapacitated for basically 4 years now) enough by early next year to get back to work somewhere. Probably means I’ll have less time to do what I’ve been doing, but got to take care of the family.

Love the Coog family, even if we have our disagreements at times. Have to agree with @Bear1132017 in that there is a huge gap from the “older” generation to the “younger” generation; administration during my time at the school was a huge reason for that. Would be nice if more people my age would be more involved with the school.


Hope you experience remarkable improvement and a full recovery while you are disagreeing with me. :wink:
Thanks for your service.


Awesome! When you said your remarks were directed at the student body in general, including you, I took that to mean you were a student. Congratulations on your success.

You can, but there’s quite a few conditions. I transferred to UH and was immediately allowed to play. I’ve known others who had restrictions on their transfer (i.e. no teams in conference, no teams in top 25 rankings, no upcoming opponents, etc.). These usually come from their current coach trying to limit their opportunities, etc.

Most sports allow student-athletes to be immediately eligible to compete, unless you play football or basketball (womens & mens), then it’s a year to sit out, unless you’ve already graduated.