Traylor without Harris tonight

Let’s see how well he coaches.

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Defense not doing so well on first drive . . . . .

The army qb busted the utsa db right in his chest.

14-0 Army. End of 1st qtr.
UTSA ran FIVE offensive plays in first quarter of game.
Feels like our Rice game.


I understand getting pumped for kickoffs after you score but UTSA hasn’t had the ball 1 minute and they’re partying like they’re leading the game.

Army knows this young QB is only doing the sure things.

Man, that win over UTSA isn’t that great now

Army 14-0 in the first quarter lol


Those 26 secs were lit tho!!

UTSA. Not good. Between our score vs them and the Rice game…… ugh


Utsa beat Texas State who beat Baylor in Waco. Let’s see how this goes plenty of time left.

Baylor has the second longest losing streak in all of CFB. 6 games


At this rate Army will score 48 pts. on UTSA.
We struggled to get to 17.

Army has more rushing yards in 25 minutes than we had all game.


Triple Option offenses be like that.

Army no longer runs triple option due to rule change about chop blocks down field according to announcers.

Nice Hail Mary!

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Few teams miss a single player more than UTSA does WR Zakhari Franklin.
He still hasn’t played 4 Ole Miss. Knee surgery recovery issue.

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Army runs spread option now. They had to adapt to the rule change.

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UTSA backup qb Eddie Lee Marburger set a lot of records at Sharyland Pioneer, a new school down in the valley.

Lots of overlooked kids in the valley that UTSA recruits and I think UTRGV will really thrive on this.

Bush knows the valley pretty well, so it makes sense why they hired him


Army lost to UL Monroe but now leads UTSA 37-21 in the Alamodome.

They have scored on 7 of 8 possessions.

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Was about to say UTSA was looking tired, but that bomb changed my mind. Army has just really been beating up on UTSA D-line. Tough to stop Army.