Trevon bradley in the portal

Seems like a great kid and wish him nothing but the best. Based on Dana’s feelings about our wrs I’d imagine this was more our call than his. Could be an opportunity for Dylan Robinson or Darius Edmonds to step up and “earn their scholarship” as Dana put it.

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I didn’t see that coming.

Sure. He didn’t like our receiver depth. I’m sure he told one of the guys that has actually contributed over the last two years to leave.

This is sad news and something I knew of possibly happening. He is Derek’s best friend and housemate. I didn’t think he’s was going to do it so soon, though.


Yeah, I just don’t see it as much of a loss. Bradley just never really impressed me. We have Carter, Singleton, and probably Erwin as starters with Smith, Dell, and maybe Street or McGowan in reserve with Sawyer, Morgan, and Robinson plus we may be shopping for another transfer at the position. I think we’re more than okay.

And so it begins.

Dana’s comments about our WR Corp telegraphed this move and there could be another one or two. Dana strongly commented on the lack of production.

I put Dell in Top 3 for WR imo.


Is there anything specific that is the reason he is leaving? I thought he was doing well here.

Not getting the reps he was hoping for. Should be near the top of the ladder with his experience at UH. Derek said he has been thinking about it since the season ended. Hate to see him go. He is such a great kid. I wish him the best.


Dana has always been hard on WRs. We used Stevenson well, hope he goes high in the draft. Other than him no one has stood out, only glimpses. As others have said, this isn’t surprising after Dana’s spring presser. Hope we find some guys Dana trusts.

Not so surprising. This staff doesn’t seem to take kindly to many of the players who were here previously

The problem with our WR’s were the drops. We just had too many drops that would have been game changers if they had been caught. Dependability is a necessity in a WR.


We Coogs have never been in a position to have such insight into things as we do with you and your honest comments . Thank you !
Go Coogs !


Thank you! I want to be able to provide as much info as I can without overstepping any boundaries. I ask Derek before I post anything in case it’s not meant to be put out there just yet.


I think your approach with Derek et al is excellent . I know we do not want to get in a bad place with the locker room nor the coaching staff .
Go Coogs !


Dell is without a doubt starting he was our best WR last year when Stevenson went down. I also don’t know if Erwin and Carter just jump Smith. If they do than I don’t see us having much of a problem with depth at WR

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More to come

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We picked up the UCLA transfer.

More transfers to come?

Great comment.
Regarding Trevon leaving I wish him all the best and please hunker down with the positives that he experienced and improve on these. There is never a bad experience. He will be better because of it…on all fronts and that way he can fulfill his true potential. It is much better for him that this is happening now then a few weeks down the road.

Our WR’s have to improve especially with CDH system…all systems. This is clearly an understatement.


He has great potential and I know he will find a place where he can thrive. Wish it could have been here. He is a great friend to Derek and we will miss him, but I look forward to seeing play again.


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