Tried to find the thread about the Education Building

being torn down. Here’s a rendering of what they want to do with the space.

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Just realized that looks like a commencement setup. Why do we try to make outdoor spaces with no shade.

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A few weeks back at first home game 2022, I went to my normal tailgate spots in the green lot and was totally lost until I figured out what happened. The UH CAPS (Counseling and Psych Services) semi-temp building is totally gone. Only the footprint remains. I did a lot of work there as an RA in my undergrad, so there are some good memories. That said, it was an eyesore, and in the grand scheme, I’m glad it is gone. I think it was no longer needed as now our campus counseling services have a nice new home in our brand new Health Bldg Tower 2. Huge as a mental health professional, this upgrade fantastic and long overdue for a vERY necessary service.

*I seem to recall speech pathology was housed in the old building too.

Now my question is other than having a new home, and not needing that aging glorified T-Shack, was the move also in preparation for the replacement of Farish Hall (Ed Bldg) when it goes?


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