Troy Aikman Calls UCLA’s Attendance an ’Embarrassment’ | Sports Illustrated

We’re not the only one with attendance woes

That looks worse than our crowd on Saturday

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Heat wave

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Supply chain


Our woes are about our historical average. Maybe higher. We just aren’t growing the base as much as we want to or need.

UCLA’s woes involve a massive decline in their base.

School has not started at UCLA yet. They are on the quarter system.

Rose bowl is also too far away. They should never have left the colosseum.

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Not for the alums, who should be at least 75% of the crowd. There is simply little interest in UCLA football. They have roughly the same number of students as UH, and likely the same number of graduates who should be buying season tickets.

Nope it was 82

USC had almost 70,000 for Fresno State.

The issue is the Rose Bowl is way too big and off campus football just doesn’t work.

UCLA’s only option now is the new palace in Inglewood. I imagine that’s $$$ expensive but it’s at least in the LA basin. As of now, UCLA kids have to bus the 405 into the San Fernando Valley and then cut East on the 101 to Glendale and then switch to the 210 to Pasadena in the San Gabriel Valley.

It would be like if UH played games in far NW Cypress on 290.


I was today years old when I realized that USC plays on campus.

Trojans and Colosseum…it all makes sense now!

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Kids go to UCLA because it is always a top public university. So is Michigan, but like the South, that part of the Midwest loves their football and hoops. Sports doesn’t move the needle for most of their students and alums as proven by poor attendance over decades.

I really don’t think they have any way out. And parking in Westwood for a football game should they get an on-campus stadium? No way that ends well. But they will cash those B1G checks.

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I know how he feels

Its the same, tired big city blues. LA is so much like Houston in regards to entertainment and size. I’m at the point where you can’t pull great attendance in places like Hou, Mia, LA, Philly, and Boston if you don’t have a personality at HC leading the charge. Oh, I guess you can build good attendance if you go undefeated every year but Hell.

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Which is why Deion is an absolute must. He can coach AND bring excitement to the University of Houston football program.


My daughter just back from Disney Land and affirms it is hotter than hades there and folks are in panic mode

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Do we really know Deion can coach?

This reminds me of the Californian’s snl skit.


Truth. Even when The U was good, they had trouble selling out.

Only those early 2000’s USC teams went against the grain, but that was because during that period LA sports was in a dead zone:

  • Lakers sucked for about 3 seasons (2004-2007)
  • Dodgers sucked
  • Kings sucked
  • No NFL teams

If you look at the BIG, which school has the worst home attendance? Minnesota. Which school is in a large metro area with a lot of pro team competition? You guessed it, Minnesota.


NFL is king. Let the Texans start winning they’ll be back in the saddle riding high.Winning cures all ills in sports

Northwestern and Illinois have worse support. Minnesota averages 40,000+ in their new stadium on campus.