Troy Aikman Calls UCLA’s Attendance an ’Embarrassment’ | Sports Illustrated

Funny my Bruin friend, former player for them too, is blaming the current generation of students. He says they don’t want to take the shuttles to games. Says like moving to the Big10, UCLA has to be willing to think new.

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Yeah truth hurts. Aikman can see what we all see.

Baron Davis had similar complaints about the BBall program, so its not just football. Although the BBall program has gone to several Final Fours in the last 25 years, they are held to a higher standard because of UCLAs history.

Hold on, I don’t want open enrollment. That is why I said we should jettison UH DT or bring it into the fold.

What I am saying is, we should cast a wider net.

Example: We should do top 10 percent, which is awesome. We should also use a system similar to what I suggested, where we grant auto admission to students who meet a certain point threshold. Iowa and the SUNY schools use a similar system, and the top SUNY campuses (Buffalo, Stony Brook, Binghamton and Albany) are all ranked higher than UH. Iowa and Iowa State are too.

To me, it says more about your preparation for college if you have taken a challenging course load and maintained good grades than what you did on a test that is given on a single day. I say this as someone who was not a particularly good HS student, but was a strong test taker. So I likely would not have made it into UH if not for my SAT.

Finally, we need to have larger entering classes to absorb students. I would imagine that the state of Texas would rather keep these kids in state than let them leave. Don’t end up like Georgia; we have thousands of great students leaving the state for college because UGA and Ga Tech don’t accept enough students. So we are making TN, NC and SC stronger at our expense. It seems like it is not a big deal, but long term it will negatively impact the state and those in state schools. Now, if the state of Georgia put more money into Georgia State or Kennesaw State then maybe it would not be so bad. But you are not going to be able to convince the parents in my suburban neighborhood that little Sally or Billy should go to GSU or Kennesaw State instead of UT-Knoxville, Bama, NC State, Clemson or Auburn, because UGA and Ga Tech won’t accept a student with an SAT/ACT less than 1400/34!

Keep it but rename University of Downtown Houston.

I think we need to do something about UH Downtown, if only because I have seen way, way too many people that conflate it with the Main Campus. Especially in the suburbs, if you tell people in Houston that you went to UH Main Campus, they’ll respond with “oh, the one downtown?” and vice-versa. It’s gotta be renamed, at the very least.

That said, I totally would be down to revoke UHD’s charter, put some of the Main Campus stuff over there (I think it’d be great for, i.e., Bauer students to be that close to Downtown) and replace “UH-Downtown” with an Online degree option that also lets students take on-campus classes.

The good thing about UH is we have almost 50k students. We have enough room to serve commuter students and traditional. We prob could serve enough traditional to equal what many schools have in total enrollment. We can do both and have success. On Scott st, I noticed another dorm being built along the rail and Scott st is looking better.


Along Scott there is the one big dorm by Elgin then the new one is before that on Scott under construction.