Trust Level and increasing awarness of coogfans


I just learned the importance, or incentive, of trust level for this site/forum. As a community wouldn’t it be beneficial for more to gain trust level 3 or “regular” status? I know the admins on this site have mentioned wanting to grow the community. I think finding a way to incentivize members to reach trust level 3 would bring more interaction from the community.

In my online experience other forums have a similar ranking system of members. Usually they’re named after something related to the forum. For example a forum about aviation: trainee, co pilot, pilot, captain. Maybe we can do the same here? Instead of Visitor, Member, Regular and Leader we can use Cub, Coog, Cougar, and Shasta’s Guard. (I’m sure someone that’s actually creative can come up with better ideas.) It would also help if our rankings were visible to other uses without needing to click on our profiles. I only found out about this by noticing the locked lounge at the end of the page.


The remainder of this post will be a question directed at the admin and in hopes begins a discussion about spreading the awareness of this site.

What are the ongoing efforts to increase UH alumni access and use to this forum?

I ask because I only found out about this site a few months back when I noticed @pray10 twitter handle had a link. Why don’t more people use this method? (I myself didn’t do so until I thought about this question.) I would love to hear from other UH alumni about the direction of the programs listed on our board. I would also love to increase the diversity when it comes to graduation dates. I confidently believe I’m the youngest alumni posting on this forum, I attended UH during the Keenum era.

If we want to grow the presence of UH in the college landscape, City of Houston, and more importantly the State of Texas why not help shed light on a forum dedicated to discussing all things UH? Just an idea: if anyone comes in contact with the Scott and Holman Pawdcast creators why not ask them to give a blurb about coogfans at the end or beginning of each pawdcast?

Thanks again.


Number of posts is not a good indicator of trust level.

They might put a “like” tally next to people’s names, to show how many “likes” their posts have received.

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Good topic of discussion. Would love to have more participation and POVs. However, I also like our community in that we keep it civil.

Of course increasing the amount of visitors would only increase spam posters, false information, and negative behavior. But it’s something we have to be willing to risk if we want to motivate our alumni community to join the discussion/this forum. In doing so I think it would motivate them to support the university.

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Hey Eric!

Thanks man, we really appreciate your interest. There are several things in the works as we speak to raise the profile of this site. We feel we have built a very good community here. It’s very civil and the trolls and snark discourse is at a minimum.

The first phase you are already seeing which is the sprucing up the look of the site. Lots more coming so stay tuned!


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All I can say is praise to BY and pass me a beer after now having been reunited with coogfans I no longer need to be a part of that nightmare of an inDIGESTion.

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