TSU to be on UH's home 2018 schedule

As part of the compensation package to play basketball games at TSU’s place next year while the new/rehabbed arena is completed.

The ‘no more FCS opponents’ idea didn’t last long. Hope it is the one year thing they are talking about.

That said who’s on our schedule non-conf wise for 2019 & 2020?

It helps us balance out some things going forward as we have 9 road games and only 7 home games scheduled. Right now in 2019 all we have is @OU and 2020 we have @Rice and home against Georgia Southern. We need to get some games set pretty quick there and it’s going to be very hard to get a P5 game at home both those years.

That is a big booboo by hunter. Maybe time for a new ad

Problem is we can’t get teams to come to Houston to play us; even G5 teams.

Don’t mind TSU. Should bring a nice crowd if we’re winning.

Sure would be nice if schools in TX/LA would play us.

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I find this hard to believe.

Meant in relation to 2018 and filling that last date as Yurachek stated in the article.

Oh, I find this very easy to believe. Who’s our AD again?

Bottom line, that’s the AD’s job. And you have to plan ahead. Hunter has his strengths but I’m not sure planning is one of them. He didn’t have the foresight to schedule the NIT at TSU. That was 100% Sampson. And scheduling 3 and 4 years ahead is all about planning and negotiating. It concerns me.

I am confused and perplexed. I apologize since I do not know our Basketball schedules for 2018 and 2019.
TSU is a fine University and has a solid Basketball program.
UH is trying to get into a P5 and our football program is now in the National spotlight.
Does scheduling TSU help us with our strength of schedule? No.
Why are we having issues scheduling Teams coming to Houston? This is not new.
That makes me think of the “in town” basketball rivalry that San Diego State University and the University of San Diego have. It is never an easy game but the city embraces it. Why can’t we do the same? Our basketball program can be/has the potential to be similar to what Fisher has done at SDSU. I will go further as pointing out that this will be a good measuring point for our basketball program. Again TSU is solid.
The problem with the AAC is that it is the…AAC. Adding TSU to Tulane and others is a negative not a positive.
Scheduling P5 Teams is part of the A.D. job. That is how we gain National exposure.

We already have 2 P5s on the schedule for 2018: Arizona and Tech and we already have Rice on the schedule. Plan was for 2-P5s, 1 Texas G5, and one decent G5 a year to hopefully balance the schedule. We have to have a home game for 2018 as both Rice/Tech are roadies.

Last time I did a schedule thread a couple of months ago, all of the following schools would have been able to play a road game on 9/22:


Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, BYU, and ULaLa have since filled their dance cards. The rest still have openings. Coastal Carolina should have been a slam dunk since Hunter used to AD there, but I doubt the would have excited the fan base. Utah State could have been interesting, but the fan base probably wouldn’t care. UTEP should have been an easy get. We still have a return game for Vandy so I don’t imagine they were available.

Honestly, TSU won’t hurt our SOS; FCS teams don’t usually count against it. I imagine this will draw a bigger crowd than the rest of the options would have and it saves us from a payout to TSU. We do need to start working on future schedules so this doesn’t happen again though.

My thoughts on Hunter is that he’s spread too thin. Hopefully they get a deputy AD in soon that can take some of the load off. His focus is mainly on the facilities and I’m not sure he’s able to do some of the other tasks required. Staff seems to love him, but he needs to start showing the fans in the revenue sports that he is making it worth our while to support the program.

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I think this is a ‘thank you’ to TSU for stepping up and accommodating the basketball team not only through next year but also for the NIT game last week. Showing more class than the school in Austin. My opinion is that the Hunter bashing around here is an overreaction to a well intended gesture. Just my opinion.


Hunter doesn’t get a pass because it’s a tough job to sell a home game at UH.

That being said - I get the logic. Last year, OU and Louisville were exhibit A and B on why you wouldn’t want to schedule Houston if you don’t need to. P5s are looking for an entertaining win that results in a W prior to going to conference play. They aren’t wanting a fist-fight.

Need proof - Mack wasn’t a better AD than Hunter but he did have one ace in the hole that allowed him to book some P5’s - Levine. He found no problems scheduling that pussycat because P5s were getting just what they wanted. A win with little to no chance of a loss.

As for a G5 coming here, what other G5 school other than BYU and maybe Boise St. would you be excited for the Coogs to go play? Seriously. Fact is - we are a G5 and other G5s don’t want to go on the road to Houston of all places.

But Hunter doesn’t get a pass because the job is tough. This is Houston and you have to work just a little harder here. You have to work a little smarter.

Agree with digitx. This is just a thank you to tsu for looking out. No biggie. Now if they’re on any future schedules, that’s a problem.

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Agree a thank you to TSU. Baylor schedules schools I have never even heard of and gets a pass. Our goal should be to win conference
, sell out games, and likely go to a major bowl game each year. People in the know already know UH with the recent wins in the last few years (FSU, OU, LOU).

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