Tuberville mocking our players

2015 game: Houston vs Cincy end of the 1st quarter. Camera cuts away for pre-commercial credits and shows Tuberville and another coach mocking our players’ pre-kickoff sway!

Check at the 32:55 mark

Man…If I could leave him at dinner in the middle of a restaurant while I took another job, I would.


LOL…Tuberville is going to get ample opportunity to dance along with our kickoff team tonight after all our Touchdowns.

Let that idiot laugh. That little dance/sway is how they get their engines going to blow through their formation. Remember, imitation is a form of flattery. Works for us. Maybe his guys would look silly doing it though.

I saw this live. Lol. Pretty odd that ESPN used it going into commercial.

He’s just asking Tom Herman to make it ugly tonight, is he?

I remember that. Also remember Tubs losing his composure due to penalties. Guy’s an unprofessional douche.