Tulane and Temple

Continue to wreck the conference. We lost one of our Quad 1 because of Tulane’s win over Cincy last nite. Why can’t Cincy, UCF and Memphis beat these guys… :frowning:

Tulane has 4 Q3/4 loses while Temple has 6!


Ugh… I put this on the wrong board…

Temple is somehow only -2.5 at SMU tonight. How is that possible?

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the line is made by kenpom and computers… temple has horrendous computer numbers…

I can’t believe Tulane provided Tulsa their only conference win… its like they enjoy ruining everyone’s NET. Those 2 schools are the single largest factor why AAC is in NET purgatory vs say MWC. Without their negative impact, it could be a 3 bid league.


As long as we win conference, win the tourney, and get the #1 seed, other AAC teams I could care less about. After the conference tourney, they will just be a memory (except for Cincy and UCF).

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The AAC would definitely be looking at 3 bids, maybe even 4 if those 2 just had a vanilla OOC like Memphis instead of taking 3 awful losses each considering their expectations going in the season

Tulane has been a very high scoring team, but their opponents do too.

Locked on Coogs did an excellent job of breaking down our seeding the other day and what it all means come selection Sunday. Around the 6 minute mark.


Ok course, Temple is struggling with SMU…

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After the beat down we put on them, they are demoralized. They lost to SMU 72-71 tonight.

We have a way of ripping the heart out of teams but unfortunate for the officials to decide a tied game. Should’ve been going to OT.

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The 3 T’s, every year some combination of them is absolutely atrocious in non-conf then wins a bunch of conference games. Goodbye AAC. Have fun with your one-bid league champion that lost to 3 Southwest MEAC teams.


Wholeheartedly agree. Can’t wait for the landmines to the Memphis’s problem next year.

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On paper Memphis is set up to dominate the AACUSA. All the good programs will have left similar to how all the good programs left CUSA. Cal was able to take advantage of the talent gap to create a juggernaut. Can’t say I’m as confident in Pennys ability to do the same.

I think UAB could really grow to compete with Memphis yearly.

Agreed, Russ. That was a terrible call to decide the game.