Tulsa game time question?

Any idea why the game is listed as being played on Fri or Saturday after Thanksgiving? I would think it would be known by now. TV maybe?

It will be possibly the final matchup between our “biggest” all-time rival. Maybe anticipating an epic 6-hr/2-day marathon game between two teams that just don’t want the magic to end? Energy Capital of the World vs. Energy Capital of Oklahoma!


Please let UH make the AAC Championship game so this is not the final AAC game ever for UH…

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Well, if it is the last game, I’m putting in my order for: UH - 100; Tulsa - 6.


Now THERE you go! A fun way to end the Thanksgiving weekend…

I’m sure that is what it is. Some sort of option as the season plays out to get the best bang for the buck.

Its almost always TV related.

We played them on a Friday a little over a decade ago and my wife and I flew up on Thanksgiving and checked into our hotel. We couldn’t find one single restaurant open for Thanksgiving dinner…anywhere…

So we ate Thanksgiving dinner at Waffle House. My wife has never let me forget that…so I will not miss Skelly Stadium.