Tulsa Postgame Stories

UH’s goal-line stand thwarts Tulsa
Golden Hurricane denied at goal line to end the game
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“We’re built to stop the run,” Herman said. “We’ve got to get better against the pass.”

Cougars Struggle Mightily, But Hold on for Win Over Tulsa

“That was fun, huh?” asked head coach Tom Herman after the game. Though fun might not be the word that Cougar fans would choose to employ.

Brubaker caught the ball literally inches from the goal line and needed only to twist his body or extend the ball across the plane to score, but Houston defensive backs Austin Robinson and Khalil Williams met him and drove him into the ground just outside the end zone.

Getting tired of the white helmets. Maybe I’m being crotchety but bring back the red hat’s with red jersey and white pants. #crotchetyCoog


Noooo. White helmets are cool.

Defense comes up big late as No. 13 Houston holds off Tulsa

“We substituted in a lot of guys that, quite frankly, hadn’t played defense all night,” Herman said. “Aymiel Fleming, true freshman, was in there at defensive line and then, obviously, Austin Robinson.”

I’d like to see the red helmet white pants combo at least once this year.

I really hate looking like Nebraska but then I have no say in the matter.

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