Tulsa - Ticket Count

Single Game tickets available: 3,396

I’m starting early on this one. 271 GA tickets and the rest are in the upper deck. I would imagine there are at least 500-1500 tickets that I can’t see so I’m guessing there are about 4K-5K left.

Coogs also have an OktoberFest 2-pack that combines the Tulsa and UCF games that pulls from the same inventory. You get both games for $50. 3 Pack is also available where you get Tulsa, UCF, and Tulane for $75.

Should find out the time of the Tulsa game on Monday.


Hope it’s not 11 a.m. but it could if we got an ABC slot.

Love the marketing promos this year from the AD


Thanks 4 doing all these and expansion links, etc

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I am hoping for 11 am.
A lifelong friend scheduled her wedding that day.

Welp, I guess you can drop the "lifelong " monicker.


in 2014 we went to the Tulsa game because it fell on my birthday and I wanted to get to visit with our youngest son (UH freshman at the time) that day. I don’t know what the announced attendance was that day, but there certainly weren’t 20k in the house. Probably closer to 10k. Very different world.


Can you give the direct links to where you’re counting? I assume its both the UHcougars site and possibly also a ticketmaster link.

Gunna be fun watching these games sellout.

Tulsa is looking like a better team this year, 3-1 and only loss is to Ohio State I think.

They will give our secondary a big test…

I’m eager to see the TV numbers for last night.

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Just the uhcougars site. Ticketmaster has the same tickets (just less) so it looks like they fixed the issue from last year where there were 3 different places you had to count to get a total.


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I’ve got a family wedding that day in NY. Then I miss the next home game for a Bat Mitzvah in Dallas. Damn family.

68 singles spread out across the 100 and 200 levels now.

Sure, but our front 7 will also have plenty of opportunities to get a few sacks.

Glad to see this… We have to start pimp this game out to everyone we know RIGHT NOW! How huge would it be for the AD if they could announce a sellout BEFORE gameday…

I’ve been using this image, and I sent a mass email to everyone at my office to get the word out about “Family Day” at the UH game. Bring the kids, Mom & Dad, Grandpa & Grandma, uncles/aunts/cousins, etc, etc… get everyone out there! We can have this thing sold out before we play Navy next weekend LOL

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If Navy beats an undefeated Air Force today, they should be rank in the Top 25.


Did a count last night, but fell asleep and didn’t post it. Not going to worry about doing one tonight since I doubt there were that many sold on a Sunday before the gametime was announced.

Available Single ticket count: 3408

Up a little from last time, probably due to the 68 singles they added in the 100’s and 200’s.

Here’s the deal on the Oktoberfest 2-pack:

Noticed the 3-pack tickets for Tulsa, UCF, & Tulane are going for $75.

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