Tulsa vs OSU on TV

Wow, Tulsa defense looks anemic. Tulsa down 21-0 early second quarter.

Both rice and Tulsa look terrible. Applewhite better win easily against both.

It seems like whenever someone from our league plays a decent to good P5 team they get dominated with the exception of us.

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Yep. OSU 28-7. That TU defense is really bad.

Good drive for a Tulsa, OSU 28- TU 14.

Tulsa playing hard.

Tulsa has no defense and has a new QB and Okie State may be the best team in the Big 12. Not surprised by this and I just don’t think Tulsa will be as good this year.

UCONN losing to Holy Cross :confounded: not good

At least Cincy is starting to pull away from Austin Peay.

Memphis leads UL Monroe.
UCF blasted FIU earlier.

Yep, UCF may be really good.

UCONN just took the lead.

So, Austin Peay held Cincy to 97 yards rushing AND rushed for 224 yards against Cincy??? Wow! Our front 7 may hold Cincy to negative rushing yardage. A healthy Catalon could go off!

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Almost makes me want to play our out of conference games at the end of the year…HA.

Not looking good for us to have more than one ranked opponent this year.

To be clear, Austin Peay seems to have been running a spread option offense. Sure, it should scare Cincinnati that they gave up 1 YPA more than they picked up on the ground, but it doesn’t necessarily translate that our offense will pick up a lot of yards per carry. They’re probably gonna get obliterated by Navy in 3 weeks, though.

Also, our offense isn’t going to be able to do anything against Cincinnati – we don’t play them this year.

This. Ok St should compete for a spot in the playoffs this year.

When talking about Austin Peay you have to consider that haven’t won a game in 2 straight seasons. That’s right, they went winless in 2015 AND 2016-truly one of the worst teams at any level. Not a good showing by Cincy’s new coach!

Tulsa gives up over 1000 yards of offense today. Worst defensive display I have seen in recent history…not since run and shoot. Wow, they were not even competitive as they gave up big play after big play. Wow. Secondary was not competitive in a lot of plays.

Except that we don’t play Cinci this year.

Tulsa ALWAYS chokes badly versus OU and OSU. They always seem to get down big early.

Tulsa always seems to play the game of their lives against us though…I hate that.


Cincy had only 246 yards of total offense against an 0-11 FCS team? That’s brutal. I’ll bet their message board is in full meltdown.