Tulsa vs USF

First off, wow, that is some awful attendance. I think they had more during a major down pour.

I thought USF was going to run away with the game. It is killing me to see that Tulsa only has two wins and one is against UH.

Not only did we lose to Tulsa. It was a shameful loss.

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27-20 USF with 4 to go. Not over yet.

Tulsa holds with 2:41 left. Get the ball at their own 26.

Yeah that loss to Tulsa was bafflingly but not surprising, the trend was there, coaching was very poor

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Tulsa gets past midfield and then shoot themselves in the foot. USF holds on.

Tulsa reminds me of a lesser version of us during the Briles years. (Not too ironic considering their HC was our OC during the tenure.) Play up to teams that you shouldn’t win and sometime beat them, but often “coog-it” when you play teams you should be competitive against or should beat.

I hesitate to say this, but the AAC really needs to find a way to squeeze Tulsa out and look to expand westward.