Tune and King

I guess the hits just keep coming for Tune. He has yet to have a normal regular season. Maybe he will in 2021 as a senior.

As far as King goes, transferring out trying to get more recognition and go win some awards as well as possibly get drafted. That all is in jeopardy.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.


Clayton Tune reminds me of a Postma 2.0

this season will be fun to watch, if it happens.


Tune has a much better arm. Let’s see how he plays since he knows it’s his job.


I expect Tune to make us really proud this fall and next season as well.


OTOH, if the season is cancelled, Tune will finally get the redshirt he should have had his first year . . . and then his second year . . .


Not exactly what the program or any AD needs.

Or the graduating seniors who will end up losing their final year. Most have no shot at going pro and are looking to join the work force.

That’s right. We would get him for 2 more years still!

I agree. Got to step up. It’s now or never.


But we don’t have the talent to compete in the cfp.

Not sure how they get from his last 4 games and having a monster season? There is certainly no guarantee of that from his throwing problems of last year. Dynamic running, no problem, but throwing the ball is a question mark until DK proves otherwise.

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We know the kid can throw…see the Tech game. He struggled under Dana, but that don’t mean he will struggle in Miami.


Miami is also expected to have a tremendous defense this year which is something king never had under applewhite or Dana. He made a mistake here and we were down by 7. Make another and we are down by 14. Play perfect and we are winning. Play okay and he looks like garbage.

He should be stout on that Miami team. I certainly hope he is.

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I wish the kid the best of luck. He did what he felt was best for him at the time. It is easy for some of us to be critical of King, but it is not our life and future that is at stake, it is his. If one of the Miami games in on local TV I will probably try to catch some of it.


Feels like Charles Sims. I followed his career but he never felt like a Coog once he left and in the pros it always said WVU


Yeah I always try and keep this perspective, and sometimes it’s hard because like a lot of us we’re all in for the University of Houston Cougars, so when a player like King makes a decision he believes is in his best interest to our detriment it’s really easy to really drag him.

So I have to remind myself, that coaches make decisions they think are best for themselves, co-workers, and so do I. It’s the real world everyone had to make decisions that the best for themselves, relying on an organization to do it is a great way to end up on your backside with very little to show for it.


My only problem with King’s transfering was his timing and continued claims he was returning. Had he been up front withDana, maybe he would have had a chance to bring in a quality transfer to either back up Tune or compete with him. He left us pretty thin at QB and now keeping Tune healthy is paramount.


I am coming back,I am coming back ,he gone! That hurt us.


I never read where our coach said anything negative about King leaving…in fact I get the feeling it was a mutual parting of ways…


I wish King the best. What a talent he is under the right offense. Just remember how good he was under Applewhite. We better hope our o line is good this year or Tune won’t have much success since he ain 't the runner :running_man: King or Ward were. Tune still needs to proof he can stay healthy.

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