Tune for Heisman

We need to get a website going.

A few things from the video that caught my eye.

  1. We had Tx Tech

  2. Tune reinjuring hammy and how his qb play evolved as a result.

  3. The throw vs Navy after our fans booed going into halftime. Got clobbered and threw td pass.

  4. I am going to miss Jones and Herslow this year.

  5. Dell is gooood!

  6. I am pumped and ready tonight for the season.


Win the first two games and the promotion can begin.


Looking at those highlights reminded me of just how many games were back and forth and Tune had to pull them out with his passing and running. Hopefully our defense will not allow so many points this year.


He’s a real gunner. Great kid.

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We leaned on McCaskill a lot at times last year. I’d like to see how our running game is without him…


Man, did that pump me up!

It is difficult to turn the over-reactors on this board. They tend to dig in for the duration. 11 straight wins including three that our qb played with a pulled hamstring should have won them over everywhere.
He should be a Heisman candidate. If the OL protects him and he takes the next step this season can be very special.


To be honest we rarely were able to consistently push around the defense and control the game on the ground. Alton Mc would usually make some big runs

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Solid video! Let’s Go!

42 days! see you in San Antonio!

That’s my concern. Alton made some playmaker runs for us on the ground that was mostly him and not the scheme/OL blocking. My concern is we won’t have that this year and Tune starts to press like In years prior to last year. I think we will be okay but I’m not going to predict undefeated as some are. If we can outgun UTSA and their trio or WRs then I’ll feel a lot better. I believe UTSA will be a tougher game than TT. If we can win those then 5-0 is almost guaranteed…then let the excitement commence :slight_smile:


One game at a time is reality. Everything else is not real but pure fiction. Clayton’s competitiveness is his greatest asset. This will take him to how far he wants to go.


Watching this video makes me appreciate the philosophy of throwing the ball down the field instead of side to side. I was skeptical and even hostile towards Tune for a long time but he has certainly grown into the role with playing time and his touch and decision making are much improved. He will have to put up giant numbers to overcome the ESPN machine and win the Heisman but I’m here for it.

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Gonna be tough

That was excellent. One question, who’s this Nathaniel Dell? Tank’s brother, maybe?