Tune’s career stats

Clayton has started 19 games in his career. He is 6-13 in those games.

In those 19 games he has had 5 games without an interception. We are 4-1 in those games.

His problem is turning the ball over. If he doesn’t throw picks we are going to win the vast majority of those games.


Case Keenum on the other hand started 57 games and his record was 41-16.

Of his 57 games he didn’t throw an int in 29 of them.

Case had 51% of his games in which he didn’t throw a pick.

Clayton has had only 26% of his games where he hasn’t thrown a pick.

If Tune fixes this we will be in the championship game.


I mean, yeah, if you pass 40 times a game and don’t turn it over, that’s generally a sign the game went pretty darn well for you. I assume many QBs have similar stat breakdowns.

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I think a bunch of people are waiting for something to all of a sudden “click” and he becomes the best QB in the conference. That wont happen, but he can win games if he doesn’t turn it over and isn’t expected to do too much. The problem is our running game is terrible (the freshman helps) and the short passing game sucks. When we play athletic defenses, we can expect for Tune to struggle. Most QBs that aren’t elite passers or elite athletes would with this offense. Either have to figure out a way to get the short game fixed or probably make Tune run more.

Tech might have actually been the worst match up for us with their athletes on defense. Memphis looks bad. SMU might be a problem. Not taking much out of Tulsa’s performance against OK state because they even struggled to score against Missouri St.


Clayton’s career TD / Int is 36 / 25

Case’s career TD / Int is 155 / 46


sooo about 80 Tds without an INT should put him back on pace :wink:


When I look at Tune I see all the measurables. Big, tough, fast, good arm.

He has the tools to be an All-American.

But he throws too many interceptions and has since he became the starter.

Last night is what he could be. A week ago is what he has been.

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More analysis would probably reveal that i’m games that he throws INTs we probably have 0 run game.
last night we found some running game and that takes the pressure off the oline and the qb in the passing game

Hopefully the line will start run blocking better. We need to run the ball well to win.

Not debatable. He has a horrible TD/turnover ratio when compared to the top 4 UH QBs of past 20 years (Kolb, Keenum, Ward, King). With his game against TT his overall stats are pretty much starting out similar this year. Good thing is bad teams and defenses don’t usually make him pay as much as good teams and we have a lot of bad teams this year. For that reason alone his numbers will be at least moderately better this year and we will win more games. Until we beat 2 or more teams with a pulse I will not be a believer in CDH or Tune. Call me a hater or a bad fan if you want.


I watched atm yesterday. Every pass that kid threw was 5 inches or so from the defenders’ fingers.
Mostly across the middle.
Why are so many OCs trying to thread the needle?

Pretty obvious he plays well when he’s not under pressure and struggles against good defenses that apply pressure. Not only does he not check off all his WRs, he tries to throw into tight coverage. When he’s playing against weak defenses like Rice the chance of getting the ball picked off is minimal.

Look, I don’t want to pick on the kid. I just think Dana isn’t tue best judge of talent. No way he should’ve let Tube play all 4 quarters the last game when you have QBs sitting on the bench that played well last spring. And the only way to get these guys experience is to put them in the game. It’s a mistake not to give them playing time


John O’korn had a 34 / 18 TD to int ratio when he played at Houston.

David Piland’s was 41 / 26.

His stats are worse than O’Korn and Piland. But I honestly think last night is the true Tune. History would say I am wrong.


Same thing at SMU with Tanner playing all game against ACU until up 49-6. Our backup got some PT and hopefully gets more against GSU. It’s not a competition. Tune’s the guy.

Exactly. Tune is pretty much a Piland or Okorn if they were just crowned the guy for years on end. Anyone really happy with that? Not Tune’s fault he is giving it his all. Bottom line is Tune is not a QB that can take us to the places we truly want to go. Blame is squarely on CDH’s shoulders.


Did Terrance Broadway replace Piland?

It isn’t that Tunes turns it over, it is they often have lead to immediate points for the other team (pick 6 or scooped up fumble for TD). You just can’t have those types of plays. Our defense seems good enough to help us rebound from a turnover, but they can’t help with a pick 6. Yes, limit interceptions, but we have to stop the immediate scores on turnovers. That is what Holgo is talking about his bad being really bad.


O’Korn replaced Piland.

He also has an unusually large number of games with multiple picks.

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Or teams load the box daring Tune to make the right call and beat us with his arm (which is what I would do). Can only take so much from basic stats. Would need to look at advanced stats for some actual insights.

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