TV Contract Question

Question to you guys, I am curious to hear what you think.

Hypothetically say we have two possible options of media providers to go with.

Option 1 ESPN - $35 million per school, all games on ABC , ESPN , ESPN 2 etc. And some on ESPN+. So great “exposure “

Option 2 Netflix- $45 Million . All games on streaming.

Which one would you go with?

It’s hard to imagine Netflix paying more; if that did in fact happen, it’d be a tough decision.

But I’m guessing that being on those networks will result in greater exposure.

That’s why it’s hard for me to believe that that is a realistic hypo. I’ve never heard of Netflix being a higher rated sports medium than those networks, and given that, I have a hard time imagining a scenario in which Netflix would pay more.


It doesn’t matter the option, ESPN needs to be part of it. That is one part that recruits expect and that is for their games to be played on ESPN and maybe their highlights to be shown. This is what I heard or read what coaches are saying about recruits. They want that exposure.

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Probably not. If it were Netflix or Amazon specifically I’d hear them out, but only because they are pretty prominent. If it’s Apple+, Facebook, or an upstart I would not even consider it.

I think where we could have the most streaming value would be a deal with CBS or WBD wherein the ESPN+ part of the catalog is with their streaming service and the ESPN/Fox part on CBS/TBS/TNT/TruTV/CBSSN/etc.

They’d have to offer a lot of money to forego ESPN entirely, though.

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I would seriosuly doubt Netflix would because as you say it wouldn’t be worth it to them. Amazon, though, I could see.

Getting a game on ABC trumps sister ESPN. ESPN gets more views than ESPN2, and so forth.

If we are going to be streamed, ESPN+ already draws a zillion eyeballs and fans are used to watching it for fights, hoops, baseball, etc. If we were exclusively on streamed “channels” our numbers would suffer. Amazon if going to figure that out with Thursday Night Football.

ESPN I don’t even have Netflix lol!!!

I used Netflix as an example. My point was a streaming service only, less exposure but more money.

If you have replays and on demand. Netflix would be the better option. Netflix has way more subscribers than ESPN by a lot
222M to 21
Amazon also has 200M
They actually have more subscribers then that due to password sharing but paid subscriptions are at 222.

You’d be crazy to turn down Netflix for ESPN.
Also, if you’re a TMobile customer you have access to Netflix for free with a qualifying plan.

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Streaming is going to be an increasingly important player in CFB. It’s hard to imagine a future where CFB isn’t inexorably tied to ESPN but I do foresee a big change in the next ~10 years or so. This landscape will look much different.

The question is will new conference contracts be impacted by streaming? I think so… just don’t know how much.

Netflix>ESPN+ for sure.

But ESPN(2)>Netflix by a mile.

The advantage to ESPN (and CBS and NBC) is that they can put the big games on linear TV (broadcast and cable) and the rest on streaming. Netflix and Amazon can only offer the latter, which is taking a big hit.

On top of that, you have to wonder how much coverage and attention programs will get if they’re only on a streaming service. Regardless of money, SportsCenter and Gameday are still critical to visibility and hype, and until something else comes along that has that kind of viewership, ESPN is still the standard-bearer.

Recruits want to play on ESPN for exposure so it needs to be a combination of providers.

Recruits just want exposure. If that can be offered to them via Netflix then that’ll be that. Then you can forget about slot times and all that because people will be able to watch whenever wherever. The only thing that would take a hit is our attendance.

Also, ESPN is giving favoritism to the SEC. So we’d be competing for attention, that would guarantee us being the child everyone ignores.

Additionally, every new tv comes with the streaming apps integrated in it’s menu. So putting a game on tv or at the bar wouldn’t be difficult.

It’s a new age

I’m saying do a combination of ESPN and a streaming service.

Right now, i would rate the pecking order as:

  1. ABC/ESPN et al
  2. CBS/CBSSN/Paramount Plus+
  3. NBC/Peacock
  4. Amazon
  5. Fox/FS1/FS2

I put NBC/Peacock over Amazon only because they have an over the air broadcast. I don’t think Fox brings enough to the table right now.

Streaming is the future. However, if Amazon was to partner, say with TBS/TNT I think they could put together a very attractive package. I think a cable/streaming partner could work very well.

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Recruits may think it is pretty cool to be able to watch themselves on Netflix.

Amazon Prime already picked up NFL Thursday night football.

Could become a major player.

The Big 12 could obtain 2 media contracts, with a “Special Game” as part of the package. Such as Saturday night.

Could be but I would assume any streaming service would offer great marketing of our games or no one will know where to find them or know when they are aired.

If we also have a deal with ESPN, Netflix/Amazon should also be alowed to advertise our games on ESPN, then it may work.

It will all be about how and where to advertise our games.

The meaning of Netflix and chill will change forever