TV for game 1?

Anyone know if this game will be on tv or when they will announce if it is?

not released yet

but if i was betting man i put a 85% chance its on espn+… to many good games on the 25th to get a good tv slot… all games not tv this year is on espn+

Good to known. I guess I’ll just keep my espn+ memerbership.

I am sure they can find a better game to broadcast than UH vs Lamar.

Not from my perspective, Mike


Anyone with a device and an internet connection can find just about any game on a broadcast now. I actually have an app where I can watch a 7th-grade volleyball match if I want to! It sounds funny, but it’s true!

What is the best app to watch pro sports if we live outside of the Hoiston market?

That is because you and I are diehard Coogs; the networks aren’t loyal to teams, they are loyal to ratings. I doubt UH vs Lamar would bring much interest outside of our two fan bases.

Would bring zero interest outside of our fan bases, Lamar really

The game is on ESPN+