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Well, we’ll get a pretty close comparison next year when BYU plays LSU.

Note from David Barron’s article this week:

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As for the Cougars-Sooners opener, it registered a 12.8 Nielsen rating in Houston on KTRK (Channel 13), the best number for a regular-season college football game on the ABC/ESPN networks in Houston since the 2009 Big 12 title game, which is classified as a regular-season game, between Texas and Nebraska did a 15.8 rating.

Oddly enough, OU-UH had a higher rating than the Notre Dame-Texas game Sunday night at 11.5, but because the Texas game went longer, it had a higher average total viewership at 419,000 to 407,000 for the Cougars’ game.

Thank you so much Patrick for providing the Google Search link for Chronicle articles.

GoUH70, please please please follow Patrick’s lead.

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