TV Series

Tracker is just formula tv fare. Haven’t been impressed.

But you like Will Trent?

The same could be said about that show as well.

To each their own.

Characters are entirely different.

My wife likes Tracker. She doesn’t like Will Trent.

FYI— Saw on TV yesterday that Top Gun 3 is confirmed.

Will begin filming shortly after Tom Cruise finishes most recent MI movie :movie_camera:.

Miles Teller and Glenn Powell are back as well.

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I haven’t watched the show, but the books are outstanding.

A Gentleman in Moscow is a good watch….

My wife is making me watch Palm Royale….story is not great IMO.

But two positives, takes place in late 60’s so scenery and costume is all cool.

Carol Burnet at 90, is still sharp as a tack.

It hasn’t hit the Hollywood Stock Exchange yet. That’s my go to site for movies in process.

This last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm has been horrible especially, since last season was one of Larry David’s best

Just started 3 Body Problem. Keeping my interest

Hate to break it to you, it’s only season one and ends in a cliff hanger. Frustrating.

Just started Sugar.

Collin Ferrel is the lead….mystery/thriller.


First two episodes were good.

I just finished the season. Premise is great, acting is only fair to middling except for Eiza Gonzalez who is the worst but also the best if you know what I mean

Spoiler alert.

3 Body Problem is like a high school science drop out took every speculative future tech he could think of and jumbled them all together.

Having said that, I went to Wikipedia to try and gain an understanding of the scientific Three-body Problem of Orbital Mechanics and came out dumber for the effort.

Solve that one AI

Any Fallout fans. I’ve played games, the show nailed the look. All the episodes are out. I watched the first two. The show doesn’t take itself too serious and is a lot of fun. Walter Goggins is playing a cowboy mercenary Ghoul and its the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Jonathon Nolan is directing, brother of Chris and the guy who did HBO’s Westworld.

Its on Amazon

I’m not a gamer so know fallout by name only. Enjoy the genre, but, would the show be too full off inside jokes, etc. for a complete appreciation?

Definitely a lot jokes and references that will go over the non gamer head but nothing that would detract from your understanding of the story.


I’ve only played a little bit of fallout 3. Never finished it. But am looking forward to watching the series. It will have to wait until the masters is over.

Back in 1961 Michael Minavitch, a PhD candidate in physics at UCLA solved the three body gravitational problem for the Voyager mission.