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Any recommendations for any binge worthy series?

I am watching a few now.

The Offer——Excellent show….magnificent story of how difficult it was to get The Godfather made….Miles Teller plays producer Al Ruddy and does well showing the many issues he faced on a daily basis….Dan Fogler was great as Francis Ford Coppola and Giovanni Ribisi as Joe Columbo was better than expected.

Under the Banner of Heaven——Pretty Good….story of a woman and her year old daughter that are murdered in Utah in 1984….Other than Andrew Garfield who plays the lead detective, the acting is so so….Wyatt Russell( Kurt and Goldie’s son) is pretty good as a radical Morman who splinters off from the church and follows “ The School of Prophets”.
Lots of twists and turns.

The Lincoln Lawyer——It’s good if you don’t take it too seriously……has kind of a “ Goliath” feel to it.
Manuel Garcia-Ruflo is good as the title character ( Mickey Haller) and Neve Campbell does well as his ex-wife who is a prosecutor….There is a part called “ Cisco”, the investigator for Mickey Haller….it bugged me the entire time because it is such a bad miscast….no way this guy was in a deadly motorcycle gang and no way he would be engaged to the beautiful lady that runs the office….horrible casting……but show us overall pretty good.

Just a few I think of…

Outer range on Amazon prime.
Reacher Amazon prime.
Yellow jackets on showtime.
The white lotus hbo.
Station eleven hbo max maybe not for everyone but I enjoyed this one immensely.

I liked Outer Range….really have to pay close attention……

Looking forward to the next season of White Lotus.

I liked outer range way more than I could have imagined and I also can’t wait for season two of WL. It will be interesting what story line they have for season 2 since I read that it will be a whole new cast.

So explain it to me like I’m five…… at the end of Outer Range what did Royal mean when his wife said “ Amy’s gone” and he said no she’s not and then it showed Autumn sleeping in the bed?

Okay, that is what I thought….but I don’t get why she is so hostile towards her grandfather….thanks for confirmation.

Yeah me either. But I’m sure we will find out why in season two. Probably something Royal did after being tossed in the pit. The Staircase on HBO is prettt good too. I think there are still two episodes left to air but really good. Based on true events. Also mare of easttown on hbo is really good.

Going through Boston Legal first season. I know it was cancelled in 2008. David Kelley is Mr. Contemporary TV Series. Truly great writing. Spader and Shatner are a great pair.

Wish i could watch the Offer, they have a lot scenes on YouTube, looks real good but I’m not paramount plus.

Mare of Eastown was excellent!!!

Unfortunately there is no second season.

Best show I’m watching now.

The Offer is pretty good, all the actors are really nailing the parts and looking/sounding like the real person with a few minor exceptions.

I watched Reacher and enjoyed it. Bosch Legacy, the continuation of the Bosch series started up this month and enjoying that as well.

Orphan Black
The Umbrella Academy (personal favorite)
Stranger Things
The Boys
What We Do In The Shadows

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What we do in the shadows is hilarious!

I don’t know three of those but like most of the others so i will have to look them up,
Orphan Black
and Counterpoint
Of course now it all depends on what they are streaming on

Only Murders in the Building is really good….Season 2 very soon.

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Enjoyed that one as well. Nicole Kidman had two shows I watched recently that I really liked. Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu and the undoing on HBO.

Warning on Counterpart… It is really, really, really good … But was not renewed for a third season so the story may be a tad incomplete.

JK Simmons, though!

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Orphan Black and Hanna are estrogen-centric… But really good. Tatiana Maslany, the actress in Orphan Black, is incredible.


Probably why hadn’t heard of them but I’ll still check em out

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