Two Questions:

WHEN are they going to install that statue of Roy Hofheinz at Fertitta Arena; only the base for the statue has been built so far? And WHEN are they going to change the name of the street in front of the arena to “Hofheinz Street” from “Holman Street”? Both were promised to the Hofheinz family.

  1. I don’t know
  2. I don’t care.

The behavior of the Hofheinz family was shameful during the entire shakedown, I mean episode.


A statue of Guy V should go up first. I like the idea of putting a statue of Coach Lewis in front of jerseys etched in stone of the HOF players that played for him.


I like the idea of a statue of Coach Lewis sitting on a sofa that’s sitting on top of Shelby Metcalf.


1 when the artist is finished with it
2 that is a City of Houston street and they are the ones that will have to change the name

Well, it took less time for Rome to be built than the artist is taking!
And, I thought the city had already approved the name change; but we’re talking the City of Houston here, so maybe it has not been THAT long.

Well, they are busy filling potholes, greasing supporters pockets and of course…the most important…running for re-election !!

Yes, they fix the potholes on the West side of town, but cover them with big steel plates on the East side, which then stay there for months - even years!

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Hugely underrated post right there

Come on Pat. You know it takes years to print the street signs. I think they send them to a monastery in Tibet and just getting the order there takes a long time.

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