Two things Fritz must do in order to be successful

  1. under no circumstances must Doug Belk be retained

  2. Tulane offensive coordinator Slade Nagle cannot be allowed to serve in that capacity at Houston


I’m no fan of the offense I saw on Saturday, but Slade Nagle WAS the OC in the Cotton Bowl victory over USC.

It looked to me like the Tulane O Line got whipped on Saturday, QB got squared off on, and they were missing the RB they lost to the NFL last year.

It’s no high-flying offense, but it’s not as if Nagle hasn’t had any success.


I think a Tulane was missing WR1 as well


Could be because we took their O-Line coach. Hope he stays.

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Both tackles were turnstiles on Saturday. It doesn’t matter how good your offensive game plan is when the defensive ends are getting to you about the same time the snap is.


Tulane fans are warning us and begging us to take him…they’re pissed he was named interim. What you’re saying may be true, but we’ve seen how things play out when other fan bases warn and laugh at us.


On Fritz’ plane interview he stated that recruiting HS players in Texas and developing relationships with the current players on he team was very important. Obviously he understands that you are going to be better if you get better players on your team. Very refreshing to see a UH HC show understanding of this most basic concept.


I also hope he is allowed to actually implement his run schemes this year.

Rumor is that he was stifled by Dana.

Recruit recruit recruit at a top 50 level no doubt.

He was the TE coach in 2022 and was promoted to assistant head coach and offensive coordinator for this season.

I read a heartland article somewhere on this forum about Fritz transitioning the responsibility for the offensive scheme to Nagle early in 2022.

The article was about the change in offensive philosophy being responsible for their Cotton Bowl run.

Correction. It was The Athletic…

He better not bring back Belk!!!