​Two USF hoops players left at airport, mom calls program 'terrible'


Holston and Thorpe flew with their teammates from Tulsa to Houston but feel asleep at the Houston airport and did make the connecting flight to Tampa.

The plane was still at the gate when they woke up, but there was not enough time for them to board, Holston’s mother, Monique Holston-Greene, told the Tampa Times. USF coaches didn’t realize the two were not on the plane until it was too late.

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The coaches are ultimately responsible, but what kind of teammates would let that happen to their guys?

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The buddy system does have its flaws when your buddy makes the same mistake at the same time.


Oh No. Two college guys left alone in an airport. How did they survive? OK. The team should have caught them not being there but accidents happen. I’m surprised it’s been such a big story.



Coach that beat us last year in the NIT, but was fired after the season.